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How old is the "average" C6 buyer?

What age group are you in?

  • 21-29

    Votes: 24 2.8%
  • 30-39

    Votes: 57 6.7%
  • 40-49

    Votes: 170 19.9%
  • 50-59

    Votes: 327 38.2%
  • 60 and up

    Votes: 277 32.4%

  • Total voters
I bought my 1st Corvette at 69 years young, after owning Mustangs since 1966............I bought a 2010 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe in May of 2015............I now know what you all find so exciting.......

Yeah, .............Maybe I'm a later Bloomer, but "life got in the way"...................

Damn,...............I guess I'm a waving fool, too...............Anything Mustang (in my past)............ still waving to Jeeps(2014 Wrangler Sahara) and Bikes of any make (but I like Harley's), and now Corvettes, with my 2010 Grand Sport Coupe............Life is fun with the right people.............and the right toys

Bought my 05 z51 Daytona orange 6 speed c6 @ 25 years old, thx to a decent career and no kids lol I'm 26 now
Being able to buy something.....

.... isn't necessarily the same as being able to enjoy it.

I'm 60, have been around cars and other "performance" machinery since I was a teenager, and my perspective has changed so much since I first heard the word "Corvette." I remember asking my father what that meant, probably in the early sixties after watching something on television. "A small, fast, armored ship" is close to his answer. To me at the time, that made no sense at all.

I had the distinctly good fortune to grow up with ever-increasing performance in aircraft, automobiles, electronics, science, architecture, the birth of the US space program, "NASA," and all of that great stuff. That's the world that I surround myself with in the confines of my Victory Red Roadster a few times each week, and that's why I enjoy it so much. In this sense, I don't think it has much to do with my age, but rather the time that I first learned how important a small, fast, significant device may have changed things. It's the era of the car, not the age of the driver.

Great topic (and thanks for having me).

I bought my first Corvette, a C4 at 60 years of age. Bought my C6 at 63.
I will be 67 this month and this is my 2nd vette I bought a beautiful new 73 coupe when I got out of college and drove it 218,000 miles (kids came along) I now have a great 2006 convertible I have had it a year it is so fun to drive....!!!!!
65 here, 4th Vette.
I purchased my first Corvette, a 1956, 265, two 4 barrels and Duntov cam in 1961 when I was 15. My Son and I purchased a 2007, Z06, Ron Fellows #219 last year with me at 73. Total Corvettes owned or co-owned by me, 20.
57 here. I got a 2013 2LT in black for my 57th Birthday. It is my first sports car, but likely not my last. Even if it is, it's a hell of a ride for a guy that's been driving SUVs for the last 25 years. I still have my 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD, which is a super competent vehicle within it's application window, but the C06 scratches an entirely different itch! I have a much harder time transitioning back to the Pilot with the push button tranny and door handle release levers to exit the vehicle than jumping back into the Corvette with the automatic stick shifter and push button internal door release. The Corvette is just more intuitive to operate to me, performance aside, at least for my brain.
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