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HP VS rpm



I was checking out the 1975 base 350 engine specs and see they have it listed at 165 HP @ 3800 rpm. I guess this was to satisfy some regulation, but normally engines are rated at about 5200 rpm. I wonder what the HP would be at 5200.
I guess if you really wanted it to look powerless all together, you could rate it at say 40 hp @ 900 rpm.

I just had my '81 on a Dyno. The maximum HP on all 3 runs was at 3500-3600 rpm. After that the HP bled of consistantly with the rpm's even though the speed continued to increase. Max HP was also in second gear. (Auto). The red line is at 5200 rpm too. I'm sure there are some techno-wizards with us that can offer the correct explanation for this phenom. That's why I'm in Mgmt. :D

......... Nut
Keith is pretty much right on with his explenation.:)

If you want a more in depth answer to the question, Rob (as usual) has a great article about Horsepwer vs. Torque and what they all mean. Check it out here


Almost all modern automotive manufactures rate their engines at max horsepower then let the RPM fall in line. If my motor makes 100 hp at 4000 rpm and 80 hp at 5000 rpm the sales literature will definitely use the 100 hp figures. There is no regulatory reason for this, only marketing. Plus a buyer the two numbers gives one some idea of the intention of the motors viability for a specific application, high toque at low speed, lots of hp at high speed, etc.


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