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Has anyone used the hyper chip would like to know if it was worth it and was it that much of difference,and does it make computer related problems or harder to diagonsos problems.
I installed the Hypertech Thermomaster chip in my 92 LT-1 along with a 160 degree thermostat. It runs cooler, a lot cooler regardless of the outside temperature. In heavy Southern California freeway traffic, stop and go, it never seems to top about 195 and in mountainous climbing, 215-220 is about the top. Torque and throttle response are improved and shifts from 1-2 are very crisp. It was a great investment.
How much work was it to install that chip? I thought about getting one but didn't want to get one and then have to take half the car apart to put the chip on right.
BullWinkle said:
How much work was it to install that chip? I thought about getting one but didn't want to get one and then have to take half the car apart to put the chip on right.

It's actually not that bad to install. Behind that big bread loaf on the passenger side dash is where the ECM is hiding. It's held in by two bolts. Once you loosen the two bolts, just drop it down, remove the two little screws holding on a small metal plate. Under the plate is where you'll find your chip. It easily clips in and out...........make sure you do all of this with your battery disconnected

Jay has it 100% correct. About 30 minutes if you work slow. Just follow the directions and be sure the PROM is properly seated. The later versions are "piggyback" so they use the original settings for idle and low speed operations so the smog check will still pass. Be careful with the chip and as Jay says, be sure to have the battery disconnected before you do this. Also, remember it may take a few starts and stops for the PROM to accumulate all the engine control data it needs to operate properly. No biggie, but like the electronic gas gauge, it sometimes takes a few start-ups to get it right after the battery is disconnected.
Your Right Nyernga,
Laying face up, looking up under the dash, feet over the seat and re-installing the screws was quite a chore. Of course it was worth every minute....My biggest problem was locating the unit. I had to go to the Corvette newsgroup to get help on the location.
Well if that don't throw a cat on the roof.
I considered putting a chip in my '90.About that time Car and Driver had an article about chips.
They claimed that the chips really made no difference in the performance of the vehicles tested.I believe it was around the summer of 2000 I read this in their mag.But then again I used to believe in the Easter Bunny.It may have been in a 1999 issue.

Another concern to my situation is the fact that my Vette is a 90!
No mass air flow meter.
Speed /Density system.
I was told that the speed /density system didn't take to changes as easily as the mass airflow system.So I didn't bother.
Somebody straighten me out on this subject.
The 92 was simple because the ECM is located under the hood on the drivers side, so it's an easy one to reach and work on. I did the chip and thermostat mostly to reduce the ungodly high temperatures the LT-1 runs at. I was seeing a high of 242 degrees in the desert at 98 degree ambient air temperatures. Now maybe Chevrolet designed them that way, because the secondary fan didn't cut in until 237 degrees!! But it runs a lot cooler now, and the added acceleration and better 1-2 shifts are a big bonus. Plus, for what it's worth, I am getting over 24 miles per gallon in mixed driving, mostly highway, unless I bury the pedal too often. Hypertech makes a great product and if you contact them, their application people will give you the straight info on your car. Good luck.

Hi everyone.

I have been looking at the Hypertech programmer for my Vette.

An advantage of the 94 to 96 C4's is the programmable prom...

However, in California anyway, most stations have 91 octane for premium. My understanding is the chip sets and programmers optimize for 93 octane. Might knock with 91 because it will advance the timing more than the octane allows.

Anyone have any information on this?

Does anyone that is stuck with 91 like me add octane boost ? :puke

I don't know about the power programmer, but with the Hypertech Thermomaster chip the car runs fine on 91 octane. Like you, that's all I can get here in CA. I would think the programmer would allow you to set the octane available in the program. Contact Hypertech; they're good about letting you know what will and won't work. I know the chip I have is for 93 octane, but it obviously doesn't know the difference in octane measuraments. Also, Hypertech makes CA specific chips, so they may have a programmer that's CA specific too.

Good luck.

Bruce:r :r
Hi all...just purchased a '84 and am looking to install a chip...is there any one namebrand better than the other and do you order them according to your specific engine and any other mods that have been performed...i.e., I also plan to go catback exhaust..will this alter the chip I need to order...thx all.....Seggy
I installed the stage II chip from Hypertech and also installed the 160 thermostat. I think this is a good way to go because you'll notice a significant decrease in temperature.....

I tried this on the 84 I had with chip and stat. I found in the winter that the car would barely get to 165. That seems a little too cold for the operating temp. And it didn't turn the single fan on soon enough.
I want to do the chip on my 92 but they only offer the chip made for the 160 stat. I could drop to maybe 180-185 but I think 160 is a little low.
Wouldn't that actually be keeping the computer in closed loop or start causing detonation or some other problems at that temp?
That is possible......I didn't think of winter:)
I would try the 185 stat. That should be fine for winter driving. I just didn't like how hot it got in the summer. 220+ is pretty high.

Yeah I didn't think of winter either until it happened and I noticed how cold the engine was :( If my92 is moving then it is pretty consistently at 194-197. Which is just fine. As we all know, as soon as you stop at idle the temp starts moving up quick. I'd just like a chip programmed to take into account the fact that I'm idling and therefore it should turn the fan on sooner, not later...
I'll call HyperTech and explain my dilemna and see what they have to say about using their Thermomaster with 195 or 185 stat.
thx for the info...I have noticed that my temp does not get above 145 very often...it has been approx. 70' here in KC lately. This car may already have the 160' thermostat installed...
I just got a chip from a GM dealer. I also have an "Auto Xray" diagnostic machine and I'm wondering if my 84 might already have a chip? I noticed in the documentation that I got with the car that the previous owner had an invoice for "change computer chip" in '90. Is there any way to check the PROM without taking out the ECM? OH--btw...GREAT car! I'll take some pix soon and post them.
I hate to bring up the subject of money. But I just have to ask this question: How much is a reasonable price to pay for a chip for my 88'?

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