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Hyper chip




I would assume that you could get the fan switch ($44 at Autozone) and the powerstat ($10 at the zone) which would keep you around 160 degrees and you would get the cooler temps you seek. The chip ($118 at zone) seems to help my shift points but I'm not sure what else it did, but the most noticable difference for me is in the auto-tranny.


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Oct 3, 2001
Dublin, CA, USA
1994 Black/Black Coupe
magnumforc said:
I know the chip I have is for 93 octane, but it obviously doesn't know the difference in octane measuraments. Also, Hypertech makes CA specific chips, so they may have a programmer that's CA specific too.

Good luck.

Bruce:r :r


I think the issue with octane is the amount of advance the chip will give the spark.

If it is set up for 93 octane, it will give the spark more advance, resulting in knock, which th knock sensors will detect, retarding the timing more than is optimal for 91 octane.

Without the proper information on octane, performance could degrade in some situations.



True, but the one in mine does not seem to know the difference. Again, it is a California Specific chip, which could be the reason I get no knock of any kind, regardless of acceration or pulling on hills, etc. I have to believe HyperTech is smart enough to keep a watch on what's happening with gasoline in CA and tune their chips to the California vehicles that can use them. Otherwise they would have lots of people very unhappy with their CARB legal chips.


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Nov 12, 2001
San Diego, CA
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Of course there is also the oxygenated (sp?) fuel used this time of year. That will mess with the system a bit as well.

Depending on the region, you can get 90 and up for pump grade. I have come across 100 in a couple places, but that is very rare.

Are there dyno tests for these chips?

BTW, thanks Drewser for the info.


rg lane

chip/throttle performance switch

i have had my 1990 6 speed convertible since new.....have 20,000 miles. i have used the stage one hyperchip along with a throttle performance switch. the chip gives me a moderate timing advance at lower power and the switch punches out maximum timing allowed from 60% throttle to max. it may sound redundant, but i have used this combination for several years and i am totally pleased. idle is smooth, low rpm torque stronger, and when the switch kicks in it is similar to opening 2 more barrels on a carb. i ALWAYS thoroughly search the shop manual before doing any modification.

rg lane

p.s. i live in south florida and have no overheating problems. the car runs cooler with the a/c on.

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