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I need Corvette plexiglas headlight covers for 68

Ol Blue

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Nov 14, 2000
I need the passenger side, but would be interested in either side if available.
I only have drivers side plexiglas headlight cover that was available from GM in the late 60's and 70's.

Does anyone know of a plastics mfg that could reproduce them from NOS ones?

Also could use the black plastic 68 grilles and two outboard taillights. Need not be show quality.
?covers for recessed lights?

Ol Blue:
Does yours have the stationary recessed headlamps that do NOT pop up/down? If so, aren't the covers flat? If so, your local commercial-residential glass installer or sign company should be able to cut some new ones from plexiglass & radius-smooth the edges ... for small money. Another resource could be local aircraft repair shop that caters to private pilots/general aviation ... it'll cost more.
L88 headlight covers.


The correct L88 headlight covers that Chevrolet sold in the day are available along with the headlight mountings from Dick Guldstrand at Guldstrand Motorsports.
The covers don't appear in the catalog picture because they were too hard to photograph but they are the ones that were bubbled up to clear the headlights that all the racers used back then.


No, my covers are not flat, they are the factory racing units described by 59Tom.

I'm checking with Guldstrand to see if he will sell just one instead of the entire kit. I have two NOS ones still in the boxes, but don't want to use them.

Thanks to both of you.
Ol Blue
I was thinking of adding this headlight fixed design to my own Vette, but I'm putting off my decision as long as possible. I just can't make up my mind. I was looking for the James Garner page that Tom had provided to a link awhile back. Unfortunately, the site is down and I also can't find the Owens Corning race cars that were listed here at the CACC. Does anyone have any pics or has knowledge of a site that shows a Corvette equipped with them. I need to get a solid idea of the way it will change the appearanceof my car. ;help


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