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Mr Dark

Well-known member
Feb 26, 2002
Sauk Rapids, MN, USA
1985 White Coupe
Has anyone here ever used IBIZ wax? I was reading a book on Corvette detailing and the guy writing the book infers that it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. He also liked Zaino, high end Meguires, etc., but he swears by IBIZ. Just wondering if anybody has tried it.
Mr. Dark, I have been using IBIZ for two years now and I have been very pleased. The shine is great. After about three times it is hard to beat. It looks like glass. It's also easy to work with.
Les - Thanks for letting me know how you like IBIZ. I guess not many people have heard of it, but I think I'll give it a try.
I've seen IBIZ demonstrated at a couple of shows, including Corvettes at Carlisle, and was impressed! The only reason I didn't buy any is because I have a large stock of Zaino...and I'm very happy with that line of polish!!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
I was going to try Zaino, but after I read the review on IBIZ I thought I'd give it a try first. I've heard nothing but good about Zaino, so I think they're both top drawer products. I'll post after I receive the wax and have time to put it on! ;)

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