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Ignition switch


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Apr 3, 2008
Orange County,CA
1981 dark purple coupe
Hey guys, I'm trying to replace my ignition switch and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to remove the old one. I tried checking my assembly manual but I can't find it anywhere. Any tips?
The switch is mounted on top of the steering column. Easy way is to remove the dash panel under the column and then the 2 bolts that hold the column support. The dimmer switch and ignition switches are both right there.
I've done it a few time and till now its about the hardest job I did on the vette but ones you know how to do it it's possible.
The switch is bolted down by two small bolts, you can acces them by removing the little dash piece from under the steering column and lowering the steering column. The front one is hands only the rear one is a stud because on top is also the headlight switch mounted with a nut. You acces the bolts from the left side. From the right side you need to remove the wiring harnes connectors (2), if I remember correctly they both have 2 locking "pins" you need to puch to remove the connector, I think it was easier to first unbolt the switch so you can move it to the right and then disconnect the connectors. But before you can move the switch to the right you need to move it up to remove the steel rod that comes from the keylock that controlles the switch. Ones you've done that you can move the switch to the right. I always find it easier to first unlock the wiring harness under the switch that is clicked into a plastic bracket. After you've done this you can remove the connectors and the switch is "free". When reassembling it took me a while to see the switch needs to be turned "down" but that's just the way it is.
Depending on how flexible you're it's maybe easier to remove the driversside seat first.
Good luck!

ps. I forgot, you also need to remove the ventilation ducting under the steering column.

Greetings Peter
Sorry guys I meant the ignition lock cylinder where the key goes. I can't figure out how to remove the steering column housing to access the lock.
I don't know if you can remove it without removing the steering wheel and steering wheel hub.
I think you need to remove the steering wheel and hub, after that you can see the key cilinder.
For the hub you need to make some kind of a pulley remover. If you have a shop manual is "easy" to do.

Greetings Peter
If you have a T&T column it's a little more complicated, but a standard column is an hour. Including beer drinking time.

The link to Jim Shea's Steering column papers will tell you everything you wanted to know and more.:cool!:
Yes, Jim Shea is the guy to know when opening your steering column! :upthumbs

Greetings Peter

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