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In the spirit of "Buy first, ask questions later", my new GY non-runflats got in this morning. They've been mounted and got a bit of "wringing out" (I'm a patient guy ;)). Sensors working fine. They actually grip (lateral) better than the runflats. After turning my "stickers" to "scuffs", I drove at normal speeds around town and they are MUCH quiter than the OE tires.

I now await the other shoe to drop. Can't be this easy. Could be a Tirerack.com to eBay.com thing waiting to happen...

I will debrief as the rubber turns...

Thanks all!!!!

P.S. $ 630.00 delivered to Florida from Tire Rack
Do the new tires smooth out bumps a little better than the runflats? The roads are pretty crappy all around where I live, so I am interested in tires that soften the ride a little.

Also, grooves/cracks in the highway tend to make my car walk much more than cars I have had in the past. It handles great on a smooth road, but on roads that are under construction or seem to be "pieced" together, it's all I can do to keep the car straight. I've heard that the stiffer sidewalls on runflats can exaggerate this problem. Have you noticed if the non runflats absorb these road conditions better?

Well, a weekend of driving, still all good.

Answers to several of your questions: The "rut-sterring" is all but gone! Our roads in the lovely Sunshine State rather suck. My wife wouldn't drive the car on some roads. If you try to change lanes the ruts in the paved roads would yank the wheel out of her hand. She's a deputy here and I had her Capitain drive the Vette. He was flabbergasted and said if he saw the Vette he was driving (driving in front of him this way) he'd pull the driver over for a sobriety test. (remember he was driving)

ALL FOUR for $630.00 !! ...

139.00 ea fronts.
158.00 ea rears
35.00 shipping...

Torchy2000, what kind of GY tires were they? The steering thing cured? That's great man. My car does the same thing, pulling off intrusively. I also live in Florida(Miami) so I know what you mean about the ruts in the road. Everytime I go over one it's an adventure.
Had them a couple of months now. Still Diggin 'em!! They are STICKY!!

Same EXACT tire/size as OEM. Just no EMT (extended mobility tire)
I only have one question, are they also run flats.

If so, how is their wet and cornering traction ?

Glad you like them, keep us posted.
Torchy2000, saw them tires at tirerack.com, just like you said,
630.00 will get it done. Same tire, eagle F1-GS non-runflat. Glad you like them! Keep us posted on how they run. Enjoy!
Further notes...

We have a lot of "complete stop to merge into 55mph" areas here in Destin. With the stiffer sidewall (run-flats), the car would "skip" on the ruts in the road (under extreme acceleration;)) pulling onto the Hwy. This would cause the Active Handling to activate, killing the throttle. Not much fun when pulling into traffic closing on you at 60+mph.

I've driven the car over some of my "safe from radar" twisty roads and feel the whole car MUCH better. You feel some sidewall flex, but the adhesion point is more predictable. You "feel" the tires point of grip loss early and, with nearly zero body roll, can adjust throttle/steering accordingly to remain fast.

The run-flats would break lose pretty much whenever they damn well felt like it...

I wax on... I wax off...

Robin - Torchy2000
Just curious what your plan is for flat tires now? Are you going the same route as the ZO6, goop and a tire pump, or are you depending on the 24hr retrieval service to get you and the car home or at least back to town?
Vettepilot, excuse me if this sounds dumb, but the Z-06 I take it comes with non run-flats? What is goop?
hcolon said:
Vettepilot, excuse me if this sounds dumb, but the Z-06 I take it comes with non run-flats? What is goop?
The goop is what seals the tires in case of a flat and it comes with the tire inflation package with the Z06. At least I think it comes with the Z06. I am not sure since I don't own one myself.
I thought you knew.... the ZO6 F1 Supercar tires are not run flats, so the Z has a nice little black plastic box, (looks like a Craftman tool kit box) with tire sealant (goop) and a 12VDC tire pump that plugs into the assessory outlet to inflat the tire. The tire sealant, "goop" is not compatable with the low tire warning system valve stems according to the video and the owner's manuals. It fits into the right side well held in with an elastic strap in the well. The idea is if you have a flat tire, (minor damage) you squeeze the sealant in through the valve stem, then inflate the tire to 20 PSI, drive it about 10 minutes at low speed to distribute the sealant, then if it holds, inflate to 36 psi and drive at 55 MPH or less to get home / repairs.
I'm hoping I never have to use mine.
Oh, by the way there is a throw-away life to the sealant, I think it's three years, the date is on the bottle.
upon blowout.... 4 options

1. I am looking for the Z06 pump pack as we speak...er..type. (anyone know a source/part number?)

2. At $ 400+ per rim, cell phone and AAA "hook my vette up" ($55.00) no mo drivin option.

3. Stick my lovely wife on the roadside with exposed thumb and leg to snag an unstressed tourist for a lift. (Florida perk) then seek Option 2...

4. Call some of my Vette Club buddies. Annoint them with ample quantities of beer and Hooters wings. They will then carry my car on their backs to Goodyear. (they're a GREAT bunch!)

Bases covered, Baby!

Actually, the Z06 is where I got the idea first. Apart from the fairly drastic weight dispairity, they couldn't get the Z06 to "hook-up" with the run-flats.
After they used the new Goodyear non-run-flat "supercar" tires the lateral g and 0-60mph e.t's became the empressive numbers that they now are.

Danl72, thanks...I get it. Just wondering what happens to the tire pressure monitors when you use it?
Vettepilot, okay lets see if I got this. Does it mean there's no tire pressure monitors in the Z-06? How about this option. Carry one of those things they use to repair flats that looks like a big needle ? I think they call it a plug. I remember seeing this at Discount Auto Parts. Wouldn't that work, assuming it's not a sidewall blowout?
That's correct, no tire pressure monitors on the ZO6... unless you want to count the tire pressure gauge I keep in the glovebox....

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