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Installing 5 sp new susspenssion, & fuel injection system in 77 shark need help!



#1.. Has anyone installed a 5 or 6 speed into a C3 ? If so what did it take I saw one in ecklers that they said would work with a little mod to the tranny suport bar/cross member ,I have a th 350 in it now but want a 5 speed I know that I need the clutch linkage etc.

#2.. also has anyone put a fuel injection manifold on a 77 block? Do I just need to swap out heads? and bolt on the new manifold,harness,comp,etc,etc,? I am building a 383 out of my stock 77 L48 and want to run a new Accell fuel injection unit on it. I am looking at a comp cams 268 Xtream cam, a 383 stroker kit from speedomotive, & AFR 180cc alum heads.

#3.. I am also going to put a VP perf suspension on it (mono fiberglass front and rear) has anyone done this? It runs $1899.00U.S. dollars but it seems like it will bring the car up to the yr 2000 for driving auto cross & rallys. I busted up my lower A arm and craked the front frame in a spill last yr.. any help will net you a good bottle of Pisco if you ever get this far south or a day of pool side fun with some great looking ladies.
Welcome to CAC. It is great to see the hobby being practiced all over the world.

Yes to all of your questions. Hib is a techincal writer here and has profiled an article for some time called the Big Block from Hell. He has detailed all of this in his Idaho Corvette club site.

The fuel injection is no problem at all. Just go with the recommendations from Accel in terms of cam and compression requirements for the computer and ignition system. You can build all the motor in the world, but if you have not made it compatible with the injection system, it won't run right.

Finally, on the suspension, we have several members here at CAC that have installed the VB&P Performance Plus suspension, including me. You will love it. The instructions are kind of hard to follow, but we will be glad to point you in the right direction if you get mixed up.

Keep us posted.

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