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Interior Lights don't always come on


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Apr 1, 2002
94 Polo Green 6 Speed Coupe
On occasion when I turn the car off the interior lights go off and stay off even when i open the door. The surcurity light on the radio clock will stay on (it should go off)

If I open the passenger door the lights go on.

If I put the key in the ignition turn it to start and turn it off the lightrs will stay on like normal until I leave and close the door.

What's the deal here?
I think your door ajar switch is acting up.

Spray a small amount of WD-40 on it & exercise it a few times.
I have the same problem with my '95, but have been unable to find the cause. Wish I could help you, 'cause then I would no longer have that dastardly problem.


My owner's manual says the interior lights may not come on if lighting conditions do not warrant it. Heck, I could be lying 6' down, in a corvette coffin, and mine wouldn't come on sometimes. I think system has mind of its own. Speaking of coffins (who said that?) think of the possibilities....... lying upright in the drivers seat, foot taped down to the accel pedal, running about 6K rpm as they lower that baby into the ground. Might be cheaper than a coffin!

It's a bit disturbing, but it would be a unique way to go through the gates. :D

Maybe your light sensor is acting up. Put a piece of black tape over it & then open the door.
Also the intensity of the interior lamps is related to the position of the dimmer rheostat on the headlight switch, which works in conjunction with the sensor to determine the intensity of the displays & whether or not the
courtesy lamps go "on" & for how long.

<<Maybe your light sensor is acting up.>>

Thanks for the info. Where is that sensor anyway?

I second the door ajar switch (actually the interior light switch,a seperate one) as the problem.
the light circuitry is ok as it goes on with the passenger door.
check it out.
Located above the "fuel info" pad & left of "trip Monitor".

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