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Is the Chevrolet Camaro cannibalizing sales of the Corvette?

When I see a new camaro or a mustang I have to look a second longer to see if it is the base V-6 version or is it an 8.

People dont need to look or think twice about that with a Vette. Any Vette.

In 5 years will the V-6 powered Camaro be a sought after car by camaro enthusists or will it be just another used car? I say it will be just another used car.

Its sooo true about the second look! Although, when I met my wife, she couldn't tell the difference between a Corvette and a Mustang! I remedied that situation really quickly and today, she is proud to point out, at a glance, the difference within makes of Corvettes and which generation it is! I love her much more now... lol

I see the V6 Camero as "just another used car" because its not rare... As with most things in our economy rarety is rare! In other words, it will be over produced. (GEEK Moment, comicbooks... in their day they were produced in limited numbers because of available technology and market, so you end up with lots of super rare comics worth thousands of dollars. Today, because of technology and market they are super abundant and almost never rare, rarety is rare! /GEEK)

I dont think Camaros will cut into the Vette market for the one of the same reasons I didnt order a ZO6. When it came down to it, I ordered a GS at about 10K less than a Z. The Camaro is essentially the same thing at about 10K less ($39K fully loaded 2SS) than a "base" Vette ($42K 1LT bereft of any bonuses). Okay, maybe not $10K but it would be a tough sell to go from a fully loaded int to an empty int unless you wanted a Vette in which case you wouldnt be looking at a Camaro.... On the other hand, If I couldnt get the Vette, I wouldnt settle for a Camaro. (not even a Z28 with an LS7.)

:rotfl Im not sure that all makes sense... ;shrug

The Corvette has become a commodity like the Camaro - not because there are millions of them, but because you can get them anywhere. Sales are so bad, a local NC Hendrick dealer has 49 of them, and this isn't one of Hendrick's performance shops.
Sales are so bad, the local Hendrick dealer has 49 of them, and this isn't one of Hendrick's performance shops.

That is alot to be sitting on. Not much is moving right now.

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