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Is this a good deal?


Aug 30, 2008
1968 corvette convertible 427/435hp tripower. This is a project car that needs a total restoration. I am the 4th owner with owner history. 91k original miles. New Mexico car. Car has been disassembled and documented and body is on a restoration dolly. 2nd owner has buildsheet. Conv top frame in excellent shape. Hardtop is also in excellent shape. Frame is rust free. All components bagged and in boxes. Ralley wheels. Original shifter, 6500 redline tach and speedo ( 435 only ), screw in side yokes, sway bars, etc... NOT A 435HP CLONE!!!!
VIN # 194678S40xxxx,
Build date - Oct 19, 1967.
Paint - 976 Lemans Blue,
Trim - std Black,
Block - 3916321 correct date .060 needs rebuilt,
Heads - 3919842 aluminum L-89 heads. Not correct for car.
Crank - #6223 steel 427 crankshaft std-std,
Intake - original 3919852 build date 8-28-67,
Carbs - original/rebuilt center #4055 date 784, outer # 3659 dates 782, 794,
Rear end - FA code 3.70 Heavy Duty Positraction, original.
Distributor - 1111296 original, K66 with T.I. standard L-71
No dreamers please. Car is worth Big Bucks when done. $ 16,750.00

(only picture i have)

Also does anyone know if it is a 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio, hvy dty how can you tell.


Crimson Thunder

Well-known member
Dec 16, 2001
Orange Park FL USA
1970 Marboro Maroon Convertible
All 435 cars were 4 speeds.It does not say whether if the block was the original numbers matching but only date correct.(big red flag there)The big question is,Is this something you can put back together yourself?It will take hundreds of hours and lots of $$$$$.


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Feb 22, 2003
Cortlandt Manor,NY
1970 red cpe 350/300
I don't see it as a good deal. You may be able to build your way out of it but that could be tricky. You are going to need a whole lot of time, skill, and patience. If you have to farm out the work you are SOL.

All the parts are bagged and labled(I would not bet on that) but are they all there, original, and still in good shape? 68's have a number of one year only parts and production changes during the run making many of the parts impossible to find and real expensive when found. For it to be a big bucks car it has to be correct in all respects.

It sounds like it has a NOM but date correct. That will prohibit it from ever becoming a real big buck car. In my opinion it is time to run as fast as you can. You are looking at a huge money pit. If you want to make money buy GM stock at its current price of $10 in the 3 years it will take for you to complete this project you will triple your money on the stock or maybe breakeven if lucky on the car.

Space Cowboy

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Oct 8, 2003
Houston Texas
1968 Convertible - Candy Apple - 427/475+
I was thinking to myself while reading this that the car must be in fair shape for the price.... but OMG after seeing the photos, that is WAY too much of an asking price.

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