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Is This the Mid-Engine Corvette Zora?


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Sep 16, 2000
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Did anyone happen to catch the latest episode of Velocity's Americarna, host by Ray Evernham? Ray was given a tour of GM's design facilities by Global Vice President of Design, Ed Welburn. Below is what you could see during the episode:


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So what do you think? Just simple design exercises, or could we be seeing the very first glimpses of the upcoming Mid-Engine Corvette Zora and next generation Chevrolet Camaro?
The past is generally a good tool to use when attempting to predict the future. Of course, predictions are nothing more than educated guesses, at best. So, based on the past, I'd say we will not be seeing a mid-engine Corvette any time soon... we've heard this before!

However, with technology where it's at today, my gut tells me a mid-engine Corvette would seem to be far more likely than it has at any time in the past. How much further can front-engine rear wheel drive technology go? It seems like Chevy is pushing it pretty far with the fantastic C7!
I don't think either of them are representative of what the Zora will look like.
Yeah, the orange sketch has a vette logo on it, but front hood scoops that big don't make sense on a midengine car. It definitely looks more Camaro-ish.
And the other rendering on the computer is probably just for show. GM is pretty tight about things. If someone was getting an "inside look" at their design studio, they likely had the employees put generic or old renderings on their systems for a couple of minutes while the cameras came through.

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