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Just saw a ZR1 do 218mph !!!

The latest KOTH issue is coming along fine and will have a full feature on the first LPE TT ZR-1. The car looks like the ultimate sleeper. Hope you enjoy the article,,I did.
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry
The NO2 is a great idea. At 5000 RPM in sixth you would be doing approximately 220 MPH. I can only get about 3300 RPM in 6th. My car won't hold much than that(low 150's).
Go to this address http://www.chaseracing.com it computes
various speeds at a specific RPM in each gear. It will allow you to see the effects of gear and tire changes. Although the changes are liner and do not allow for such factors as tire growth, it is close.
Chase Racing

I just checked that Chase Racing site and it said business closed. Too bad..hate to see that happen.
so has anyone tried nitrous in 6th??? I have 4.10s so I think that this might be just the ticket to pull the gear and make the 200 mph club. Am I crazy??? maybe 100 hp of squeeze would be just enough to build the torque to do it.

thanks for any advice.

6th gear is too tall. Any attempt at 200 would require changing rear end ratio and using 5th. 100 HP isn't near enough for 200 and the aerodynamics arn't near good enough.
The C-4 is probabily good enough for 171-175 MPH. I've had mine to 168 and still had a little left. I was a 3% grade, down hill at 4000 ft.
I agree. Stick a 3.07 cog in there and run it in 5th gear.
BTW,are you referring to the Pony Express 100 when you mentioned the Nevada Open Road Challenge?
the Nevada Open Road Challenge

The Nevada Open Road Challenge is run on Nevada Hwy 318 the same course as the Silver State Classic Challenge. The difference is the Nevada Open Road Challenge is run 3rd weekend in May and the Silver State Classic Challenge is run 3rd weekend in September. Everything is the same with the exception of the dates. 2001 is sold out but there are still openings for both races in 2002. About 50% of the entries are new at every race. Give it a try.

The Pony express is run from Battle Mountain Nevada to Austin Nevada on Nevada hwy 305.


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