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Just saw a ZR1 do 218mph !!!


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Oct 24, 2000
81 4 speed

Just jumped over from the C3 page and hav`nt posted here before but as I like all vettes I thought you might be interested in this.

I just saw a program on the satellite on the story behind the modern supercar and enevitably it came around to Corvettes. I was expexting to see the standerd issue Callaway story but instead they showcased a ZR1 and a C5 that had been modified by Lingenfelter. The ZR1 ripped past with the radar gun showing 218mph.I did`nt know that these people were into vettes in such a big way. The show also had this other crazy guy in a vette at an open road race somewhere in TX I think. They had a camera inside the car when it blew out a front tyre at over 200mph. The shredded remains tore off the whole front wing but the guy calmly slowed up and just pulled to the side of the road as if nothing happened.

Do`s anyone know if any of this stuff is available on video ?

No, I don't know about it on video, but I know about the Lingenfelter ZR1's and vettes. Thanks for sharing the story.
A recent mag article compared the "tuner aftermarket" super cars, including two Vipers and one older (19940 Lingenfelter ZR-1, and the ZR won every category they tested, except 0-60, where it shared first.
I'm going to find the article and post it.
That's funny you mentioned that 218mph. I just heard something about that car today. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that same car that did 218mph the car that won the 0-150-0 contest a few years back?? If it is, check out Lingenfelter's site.....there's a story about it there(I heard...)


I would appreciate if you find the atricle and post it or possibly e-mail it to me. I`d be interested to read it. I recently read about a group of corvette guys that met up with some viper owners for a shoot out and the vettes won hands down. Something to do with the Hennesy vipers busting there axles ?? I have it some where so I will also find it and get it to you.


Thanks I will check out the Lingenfelter site.

The 0-150-0 winner belonged to a doctor in Florida. It might be in Texas now. The yellow 218mph ZR-1 is John Lingenfelter's personal car. It now has a twin-turbo 368" built by LPE.(of course) The 415" out of that car was sold to SW in Texas.
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry
Yes, I will post or e mail the article. The 0-150-0 shootout was actually in 1999. The ZR1 was 5 years old at the time, but the conversion was about a year old. That very car is for sale ($75K) on Lingenfelter's site right now.

About the article... I have scanned it, but I am going to try to reduce the file size a bit. Should have it tonight, tommorrow at the latest.
JT ZR-WON; you have mail.
Art,would you please send me the article,if it's not too much trouble. I would love to post it on our new website.
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry

Clint, you have one awesome machine! I have actually seen your car before at the May '99 ZR-1 gathering. Very impressive. Aren't those the discontinued 18in. OZ's?? Very nice. Thanks for the pic's:)

going fast

In reference to the open road races, there are 2 held in Nevada each year. I'm not sure about the dates. These things are wild. Lots of real fast Vettes I think the course is 90 miles and they are broken down into max speed classes. Tom
JT ZR-WON;I thought my 18" OZ Mitos had been discontinued but I talked to OZ yesterday and the Mitos are still available. If I can afford it,I'm going to have them build me a pair of 18x13 Mitos for my car. My next rear tires are going to be Michelin Pilot Sport 345/35/18's.
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry
USA ZR1 said:
JT ZR-WON;I thought my 18" OZ Mitos had been discontinued but I talked to OZ yesterday and the Mitos are still available.

Clint, hopefully they're still available 'cause that is one of the baddest wheels made for the vette! I heard they were discontinued a couple of years ago......but I'm not sure how reliable my source was for that info. Just for the heck of it, if you do find them I'd like to know where:)

The races in Nevada are the "Silver State Classic" and the "Nevada Open Road Challenge". The first is run the 3rd weekend in September. The second is run the third weekend in May. The web site is http://www.silverstateclassic.com/home.htm. There a total of 4 videos for sale at that web site. This is not actually a race, but a rally, except for the unlimited class. Each driver attempts to average a certain speed, ranging from 95 MPH to 170 MPH. Last May I averaged 147.3604 for the 90 miles, with a top speed of 165 on radar. There is a corvette that hit 227 MPH but didn't finish. It is truly an adrenalin rush. If anyone has an interest in running these events pls email me. The 90 mile record average is 207.7801. This is by the way a surveyed 90 miles.

Brooks Walls
Grand Sport
SSCC life member

[Edited by brooks on 01-24-2001 at 12:54 AM]
Callaway is the place to get the big OZ's from. That's where I bought mine. Believe it or not,their prices beat everyone. My 18x10's and 18x12.5's cost me $3K for the set.
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry
Thanks Brook

Thanks for bailing me out on the details of the Navada Open Road challenge and the Silver State Classic. I have read about these and this looks like way too much fun. It must be a real kick to participate. Tom
P.S. Read in one of the truck papers about a Freightliner Century that ran an average of 90 something with a top end of 127. I think he was from GA. Hauled a load out there with his wife as co-driver, ran the race and hauled frieght back home.
how many of you guys have tried a mild nitrous hit
in 6th gear.

I wonder what the top end would be but I fear the engine
would detonate pretty bad trying this.

maybe at 5K RPMs, a 100 HP shot wouldn't be too bad.

I like Julio's port nitrous setup, very slick.

OZ wheels are fantastic love em, & surprised that
callaway would enter as a bargain. their stuff is
a bit pricey for C12s nowadays (how about they
resurrect the twin turbo ZR1 to go with LPEs cars!!!

hey hooper hows that next issue of KOTH coming. love
to see more posts about the twin turbo cars if you hear anything.

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