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Keep The Coupe Or Go Z06??



I have a 2000 Coupe Black/Black, 6 Spd, 1SC, Loaded 4 K miles. My problem is I am thinking of getting the Z06 but have second thoughts as the Z06 has no removable top! I think I may miss this in the summer? I love the HP and other speed goodies the Z06 has and the status it contains( I love Speed!!) But boy am I confused!! Has anyone had this problem?? All info will help me make this choice!! Thanks
Stick with the coupe!
1. Looks better
2. Polished aluminum wheels are better
3. Top comes off
4. Looks better
5. Coupe has driving lights
6. Coupe holds more stuff
7. Looks better

Z06 engine in the hardtop is a marketing ploy!!
And a DARN good one. When the hardtop did not sell like they thought it would, Chevy drops more HP into it to suck in the people so chevy can pay off the tooling investment. Brilliant idea!

If they ever offer the Z06 engine in the Coupe or convertible, they won't be able to keep up with the orders.

Stick with the coupe.
legend said:
I have a 2000 Coupe Black/Black, 6 Spd, 1SC, Loaded 4 K miles. My problem is I am thinking of getting the Z06 but have second thoughts as the Z06 has no removable top! I think I may miss this in the summer? I love the HP and other speed goodies the Z06 has and the status it contains( I love Speed!!) But boy am I confused!! Has anyone had this problem?? All info will help me make this choice!! Thanks

I think this is a personal decision that nobody can really answer for you. It all depends upon priorities and what is important to you and what isn't.

I heard somewhere what the tooling costs were not that much for the hardtop but can't remember exactly what they were. Regardless, I don't think they were that much and I also don't think that the LS6 engine was used in order to increase sales of the FRC (Fixed Roof Coupe) in order to justify additional tooling expenses.

How do you feel about the overall look of the coupe vs. the FRC? do you like it as much or not as much as the coupe?

Can you live with just rolling down the windows on the FRC or does taking off the roof panel really seem important to you?

You stated that you really like the performance of the Z06. Although you can't get the exclusivity of the Z06, you can obtain the same horsepower and more than the Z06 by adding aftermarket modifications to a coupe.

The Z06 was specifically built to be a higher performance Corvette than the coupe. The coupe lacks the same performance and power output but has a few more options that the Z06 does not. You need to carefully evaluate those options and determine if you can or cannot live without them.

Again, this is all a matter of personal choice. Try and find a dealership that has both a new coupe and Z06 to evaluate. Walk around the cars. How does the styling of each affect you? Sit in both of them. How do you feel when behind the wheel of both? Does the Z06 feel odd with the solid roof and lack of a glass hatch back? See if they'll let you take both for a test drive. How does the Z06 feel in terms of performance and structural feel with the solid roof rather than the coupe with the lower output?

Actually....now that I think of it, you already own a coupe so the questions are not completely accurate, but you get my point. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
The speed bug bit me around Mid December. Went loooking for a MY ZO6 to keep my 00 Mag Red Vert company. Good judgement prevailed(boy is that new to for me). I decided to wait awile and am glad I did. I love the Vert and figured if I want to go faster I could get just as much out of the Vert with mods. What helped stop me were the taxes. In RI there is a 7% sales tax and the personal property motor vehicle tax in my town is $42 per thousand valuation. Thats every year. Throw in the federal luxury tax and the first year comes to about 6k for taxes and another 2k every year after that. I figured that for 6k I could make my vert go as well as a ZO6. Keep the coupe. You didn't say anything neg about the coupe so I imagine its a sweet car, and only 4k miles. Just getting broken in. Good luck Michael
42 dollars per thousand ? Is that a misprint ?
No sir. 42.00 per thousand valuation per year and they tax like cars don't depreciate. Awhile back I bought a new truck and after three years they still valued it at more than list. Welcome to RI.
After riding in and driving a 2002 Z06, I would not buy one. The interior noise level is too high. The interior noise level in my 1999 White C5 Coupe is not as high as the Z06.
It is really a matter of choice. You could keep the Coupe and get mods to make it faster, or you could pay more money and get the Z06. Like you said though, no removeble top. The choice is yours, and a hard one at that. Good luck. Personally I would say with the coupe, but thats me.
Check at Rogers Corvettes he has a Zo6 red conv. Looks sharp and it is fast.
Trying to compare the Coupe with the ZO6 is really comparing The Beauty with the Beast. Almost everyone would like to be with the Beautiful maiden, unless your in a brawl, then you'll wish the Beast was with you. Get the drift here? They are both Corvettes, that's a given but there is such an overwelming difference in the performance factor that trying to compare them is almost nonsensical. To own and drive the Z requires one to be more the enthusiast than the weekend cruiser Vetter from the point that you must be one who enjoys the performance factor over the frills factor. Once you know which one you are, then you will make the right decision. When it come to Corvettes, there is NO BAD decision, as long as it's a Vette!
Is it time to say buy the Z and, "roll the damn windows down" Again?? Just kidding
Myself , since I'm forty eleven, Ilike the frills and AC, But I still would rather have the" KICK A$$ KIT". HP RULES BABY. Grab ahold of that Phalic symbol and slam 6 and dont hit the brakes till ya see GOD!!! :crazy :twist :D :D
Cpe vs Z

That's kind of drastic, isn't it? I once caught a ride with a fellow who was driving an Olds. After I got in, he said the Olds would, "... out run the word of God with the Bible laying in the back seat." Needless to say, I never got close to that guy again. He later was road racing a Studebaker Golden Hawk and was involved in a wreck that killed two innocent people. Not Good!!! :(
Thats kinda drastic isnt it?

Jim. you didnt take me serious did you . Just being a little wild and goofy. Sorry I if offended you you with any of that . All in fun
More Confused??

I thought the Z had alot of comforts , AC,Computor Board,power seats,lights, Etc. , My coupe only has a few more extras as far as comfort goes.To tell you the truth when I drove the Z I heard about how hard the ride was?? But it was a little harder than my coupe not bad at all?? I have a deposit on the Z but my dealer said not to worry he will refund me if I change my mind and I have a week and some to do it . So my search continues and all you answers are helping me, keep your ideas coming and I will keep listening, Thanks
Coupe or Z06

I really like the Z06, but I know what you mean about having that removable top. I traded my 94 Coupe for a 99 Hardtop. I'm sure going to miss those drives with the top off. I agree, you can keep the coupe, plus get more horses from mods. to make yourself feel better about the situation. I drove a 2001 Z06 (385hp) and it was pretty quick. The brakes are the best of any Vette that I've driven myself. Maybe your best bet is to wait for the C6, and see what the body style offering is, in ZO6 form.
legend - This thread is highly interesting to me because I'm thinking of a change, too. For me, though, it's going from an automatic coupe to a 6-spd coupe. Why I got an automatic is a long story. If I had the 6-spd now, I would not be considering a change.

Why stick with a coupe?
1. I can have three personalities with the coupe...solid top, glass top, no top. I really like the chance to have a choice. Just tonight, I swapped out the glass top for the hardtop, just for the heck of it.
2. The coupe styling reminds me of the first Corvette I ever sat in and still long for..a '63 split window coupe.
3. Angel and I want to do some long distance cruising from Colorado to Maine, where our extended family resides. The coupe has all the space the two of us need for traveling gear.
4. The performance may not match the mighty Z06, but I look at the numbers and the coupe outperforms 99.2% of all the production cars on this planet! I'm not going to be racing for pink slips and I'm not going to do SCCA. (Well, maybe I'd like to TRY some Solo 2, but let's keep it quiet ;)).

One item I will change on the coupe is the tires. I can't stand the Goodyear Eagles...noisy, rough, uncivilized. Regardless of whether I keep the automatic or go for the 6-spd, replacing the Eagles with Michelin Pilot Sport AS/ZP tires is a top priority.

Yes, I have a little envy, but it's for a shift-it-yourself coupe. It's almost time to order an '03 :)

Good luck on making a very hard decision!!!

Colorado /aka/ Gene :w

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