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L88 Hood



I am considering purchasing a 427 style L88 hood form JC Whitney. Has anyone purchsed a hood from them, and if so, what was the quality of the hood?
Yes, I bought one from them. The quality was actually amazingly good, excellent if I must say. I'd recommend it, it's cheaper than the one from Ecklers. However I think they upped the price w/ 50$ since I bought it. I posted about the quality on CorvetteForum (can I say that here?) and there was a small run on those hoods.

Here's a pic:


Can't imagine they make it themselves. Ask them who is the manufacturer. Ecklers is the best for aftermarket/reproduction fiberglass.
On a somewhat related subject, things must be looking up for J. C. Whitney & Co. They have a huge new distribution center along I-80 by LaSalle IL. What an improvement over the old buildings in Chicago.

Legendary cars I think is the manufacturer. I have it noted somewhere who it was. My hood was shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Thanks for the input Twinnie. After hearing your comments, I will probably purchase a hood from JC Whitney by the end of the month.

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