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Hey guys,
I got a small leak occurring under my 92. I check the oil regularly and notice no change in the level. Any ideas of what I may have happening. I can't seem to find any place it's coming from. I noticed the underneath is full of splattered oil or whatever it is.
g-man :(
Ok mine was leaking a tad from the crank seal. It was damaged by a tech at a dealer that pryed the balancer off instead of using a proper puller.


Look very close at the front and rear of the intake manifold where it meets the block. If the sealant has pushed out or started to shrink between the intake and block you will get oil splashing up and seeping out of the seal area and running down the block. This leak will drive you crazy because you can wash the engine clean (watch getting the opti spark wet) and let it run in the driveway for hours, but you won't see a leak. Take it up on the road for twenty minutes, come back to the driveway and you will have a drip starting on the lower side of the engine and washing all over the pan and front of the transmission.

If you look close you may be able to detect a wet spot on the block where I mentioned.

I think the fix is obvious, that is pull the intake and reseal it. At least the intake on the 92 is no where as complicated as the L98 motor.
oil leak?? Check this out !

I had the same problem with my 94 Roadster, could not figure it out. I cleaned the under carriage all up, ( I am lucky I have a freind with a rack in is building with a drian) so we used engine cleaner under there and pressure washed it off. All clean....ran the car on the rack....no leaks....went and drove and put it back on the rack....WHOLLA!! Bad seal on the OIL PLUG. IT would not leak if just running in the garage or on the rack....get it up to operating pressure....it leaked liked hell. Just a thought.

Thanks all for the ideas to start with. I'll look at this with some closer care this time.
I forgot to say- I'll follow up with what I find.

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