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Apr 5, 2004
Jacksonville, Fl
'81 dark blue
It seems that our forum is falling into disuse. Having an '81 specific forum is a great resourse. We need to support it! I think '81ers start using other forums (including the CAC C3 tech) for '81 specific questions because they need an answer sooner than this slow moving forum will give. I have a bit of '81 expertise in certain areas and will pledge to check this site at least once a day if some others will do the same. Also, we need to let other '81ers know this forum exists. Who is with me? Who else will pledge to keep our forum moving?
God bless, Sensei :pat
:upthumbs Sensei

I too have a bit of experience with the 81 Corvette. I've owned 9 Corvettes since 1978 or so. In my younger days I did a lot of my own work, minor tune-ups and general maintanence. I'm NOT a motor or transmission person but have done a lot of other work under Corvettes ;)

I would also like to see us get to know each other a little better. Maybe use our first names as well as our screen names. e.g. Rare81 = Bud

Our Registry had a message board, then we went to a forum, but the upkeep and time it required to maintain and run was more than any of us really had the time or the desire to handle.

Rob offered us our own Forum here at the Corvette Action Center. I was pleased to form our association with The Corvette Action Center and be allowed our own Registry Forum. The only requirement is that it see enough traffic to be of interest and that we police our own.

I agree with your reasoning for folks to post in the C3 Tech Forum, but we have some very knowledgable folks within our L81 Registry and others visit and provide great tech support.

I Pledge to be more responsive and provide direction if I do not have tech answers ;)

Great Idea Cris :upthumbs

Also the Registry logo in my signature is free to anyone that wants to copy it and use it in their signature (right click on the logo and copy the properties), or as and Administrator I can directly help with signature edits ;)

Amarillo, TX
I'm not as seasoned as Bud, but you can bet I'm still pretty salty.;) I've been on vacation for the past week, but usually check the forums at least once a day. If I can't answer the question, I'll cheer you on. :beer
Thanks for the Invite Sensei.
I will be checking in here daily, be happy to help where I can
I usually check in about once a day when I'm not out being a road warrior!!:upthumbs :upthumbs
Excellent point Sensi, I occassionally visit other forum sites, but feel an allegiance to this forum,and visit it daily,and post help when i can.

This is the only forum on the web, dedicated to our beloved 1981 vettes,and is the BEST forum period.

I feel a kinship,to my fellow forum members,almost like a small detached family.

And i have recieved many great answers,advice,and information on the CAC.

Later,Ken. (Hope to meet some of you at Carlisle this year)
I guess I should have posted my

request for a 4 speed shifter bracket here.

I still need one

looks like this:


fits on this:

I'm one of those guilty ones who has used the C3 General Discussion way tooooo much when I should have relied on fellow 81ers.

Still dealing with trying to change the radio in the money pit but the last 3 weeks its been way to hot in the garage to work on her and being within a 1/2 mile of the river extra light set up draws the latest hatches of May flies almost like a snow storm. Also my pettite frame 6'2" 255# struggles to get into tight places.

But its only 8 weeks til my hockey league season starts and I like to take the Vette to a few games before the weather starts to change.

Hey SIXFOOTER, welcome! I have invited a few other '81 friends from other forums to stop by/ join. I'd like to encourage others to invite friends here also. Let's see how many quality contributors we can get on board. God bless, Sensei
What I usually do is check this forum first, then the C3 general and technical forums. After that, if I have some time, I will check out the DC forum. I help out with problems whenever I can but I really feel more comfortable answering questions on problems that I have actually experienced myself.
I've been a member for a couple years now, and though I don't have much to offer in the way of mechanical help to others, I've found this site to be a real help in some of the problems I've faced. I've tackled some jobs based on the input I've received from this site that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise.

I try to check the site at least a couple times a week, just to see what issues are out there. I promise to chime in when I think I can be of assistance to anyone.

I think it's terrific we have our own site, so let's all keep it going!

And thanks to everyone out there who is willing to help.
Hi Guys !

The '81 Forum is awesome and an incredible resource. To me it provides an on line encyclopedia of knowledge about our vehicles.

So glad I am a member !:beer

Anyone local want to hit a car show this weekend ?? I think there is one in Doylestown on Saturday.

I'll support the L81 Forum


I agree the 81 Forum is a great resource...I've now posted and will continue to check it out more often.

Hi Guys !

The '81 Forum is awesome and an incredible resource. To me it provides an on line encyclopedia of knowledge about our vehicles.

So glad I am a member !:beer

Anyone local want to hit a car show this weekend ?? I think there is one in Doylestown on Saturday.



Your Vette is the second one I have noticed here in the L81 corner which is white with red interior.

The first one belongs to Trent81. He won the Peoples Choice Award in Cruise Fest I. :beer

These are one of the best looking Vettes that were available as L81's, and they tend to be rare as well. When I was shopping for a Corvette back in 85, my first choice was a white, red, manual tranny that I could not find anywhere.

But who's b.s.'ing about these...all L81's are unique. :cool
Hi 81'ers


Just registered for the forum. I will help by checking every day or two. My experience is learn as I go, but maybe some knowledge will prove useful.
I'm the new guy at this forum, and a new guy at a 1981 Vette. I finally got my "dream car" and she's everything I hoped and more. I will make sure to check in very frequently with this forum, and participate if I can. Merry Christmas/or Happy Holidays to all of you guys and gals!
C3 Driver, Welcome. Glad to have you on board.

As for my '81, I've had it for about 4 or 5 years now and it's still a blast! I drive it all the time and love every minute of it.:)

Be prepared to start enjoying life more! God bless, Sensei

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