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lights not going up



Has anyone had a problem with the lights not going up when turned on? They will go up if I help them. This just started the other day. I have checked the vac lines and do not see any problems.
Hey Chris, check the rubber valves and boots on the back of the vacuum canisters. If they are torn, you'll get the "lazy eye" syndrome. Spray some lubricant around the area and start her up. If you see bubbles forming, you found the leak. Good luck.--Bullitt
Excellent trouble shooting guide...

Check out HEADLIGHTS. Very good articles about headlight problems.


Thanks for the info I will give that I tray.
As well as that you might want to check the in-line vacuum filter.
It might have collapsed and blocked the line. Check that one of the lines isn't pinched either as that will cause problems.
To do away with all of the above just replace all the rubber vacuum lines with stainless steel tubing like I did. Works great and looks much better too.


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