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Looking at "frost blue" 79 vette


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May 28, 2015
1977 light blue
I'm looking at a 79 frost blue l48 350thr. The color really looks white, but has a hint of baby blue. I can't find it as a color option that year. His mechanic attempted to fix the horn, but couldn't fix it. It sat out in the rain, and there was water on the passenger floor. The steering box moved a little when you turned the wheel, resulting in some excess play in the steering. I am still interested in it if I can get the price down, $10,000. I won't go over 7000 at this point. The engine is strong, has 43,000 original miles. My concerns are:

1. the water in the floor pan

2. the steering box movement the frame is very good

3. the horn not working

4. is this color an option: frost blue I can't find it listed as an option, but I can bring up pics of frost blue 79's

Anybody that knows more than I do about this car, and the issues I have, I would appreciate any input, thank you
The cowl drains clog up & rust thru at body mount #2 & let water run on the floor.You can remove the kick panels to verify that.The steering box,check around the mounting bolts for cracks on the frame.The horn from what I recall is on the dr side down low in the wheel well area around the firewall.That's either a bad horn, relay ,or in the steering column. Thats my old 78/l82,you can see the kick panel removed.I just cleaned up the rust ,patched the hole & foamed it.I was driven the 85 & 90 & wanted a stick again so I got that for shits & giggles.
79 specs
"1979 Corvette Specifications"
dr side door pillar plate will give the color code.
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The horn problem could also be a bad ground to the steering column at the rag joint.
That color is Code 28 Frost Blue Or Light Blue depending where you look. I've seen it called both names in the same publication. There was only one locally back when they were almost new but 3203 were built.

Check your door seal around the hinge area for leaks also.

Thank you for the info guys, At this point, I think I'm gonna keep looking.

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