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Looking for more Power


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Oct 19, 2018
Green Valley
. I'm wondering if I change out my rocker arms to say 1.8-1.85 ratio would I get any noticable power and performance gains? My car is a 2003 convertible with dual intake cold air filters and high performance exhaust. I'm going to be doing a full service soon that includes new hot coils, wires, plugs, AUS injectors and a new MAF meter. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm great with the old small blocks but a little hesitant on the computer controlled LS's. The car runs really strong but I know that it has more to give, I can feel it wanting more as I get into the power band around 25-2800 rpm. I should add that I don't want to put headers on at this point in time. Just personal preference. This is a one owner car before I purchased it three months ago. It was meticulously maintained and serviced. The original owner was an elderly man who drove the car very easily. So much for that now. This car loves to run and play. I just want to play a little faster than other stock C5'S!!! So any advice, hand held tuners, whatever you think would help let me know. And go easy on me for not knowing enough about LS engines YET! Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks! IMG_20180903_133206923~2.jpgIMG_20180903_133102549~2.jpgIMG_20180903_133032495~2.jpgIMG_20180903_133005859~2.jpgIMG_20180903_132842447.jpg Thanks for your help.
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First off, I believe a Welcome...is in order. :w You will find that the members here at CAC are very friendly and helpful. I believe most would say the cheapest, most effective mod would be headers and a dyno tune. Keep us posted on your progress and again, Welcome.

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