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I have a friend that was at the MerCrusier plant on the 2 of November 1989 and they dynoed an engine while he watched. When they were done, they give him the print out. He is a boat nut, but he kept the print out with some boat info he picked up that day. He gave the print out to me last year because I am such a Vette nut. I am looking for the owner as I know how valuable this would be. The owner will have to prove to me that his engine number is X91029 0010 and it is in a 1990 ZR-1.

Okay, everybody pop the hoods and get the camera and spotlight out. I am from Missouri and you will have to "show-me" the proof.

e-mail: crossbar@r-dracing.com

Thanks for posting this. I've put a call into the ZR-1 Net. I've asked the potential owner to contact me privately and did not state the reason why.
Thanks Rob,

I will scan a copy and email it to you if you would like to see what it looks like. There are some pretty neat numbers on it, since it was the engine only being tested.

Wavin at Ya,
That's great for some lucky owner!

That Eng# X91029 0010 is also the Build/Sequence number which translates to "Build Date 10/29/1989" and it was the 10th engine built on that date. MerCrusier supposedly only built 10 engines a day!

I would also appreciate a copy of that Dyno if you scan it for Rob. Haven't ever seen one!

-Gordy Eng# X91006 0001

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