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low-clearance ramps?

Oct 30, 2001
Glen Burnie, MD, USA
1986 Bright Red Coupe
Ok... here's a question I thought I had solved. What brand of ramps do you all use that are shallow enough to clear the Vette's airdam?

I bought a set of Rhino Ramps (which USED to have two separate inclined areas to clear low cars, but not now). The package showed a C5 Vette on the ramps, and they said they were specially made for low-clearance vehicles. However, when I set them down in front of my wheels yesterday, the airdam caught BADLY. In order to get them anywhere even close to the wheel I would have had to deflect the airdam a good two inches - and I don't want to contemplate bringing the car back down.

Do people just take off the airdam when using ramps, or are there other reasonable alternatives? I dislike jackstands for quick work - I spend more time raising/lowering the car than actually working on it.

Or is my car just riding lower than it should be?

I believe some owners use 2X6'S
to get the front over the initial incline.

I can't remember the brand name of mine. I got them at Pep Boys a year ago. They come with a two-peice plastic setup for each side. For my sons car just 1 peice is enough to get the car on. For the Vette I need both peices. The second peice extends from the first. That extends the ramp and gets the body a little higher so it just makes it onto the ramps. But there isn't a lot of room.

If your car has been lowered at all it wouldn't make it on my ramps. It's that close...

Thanks - I'm going to try the 2x6 approach. Our local Pep Boys didn't have jack (no pun :) ) for ramps when I checked last year.

I really wish I could find a set of those old-style RhinoRamps :(.
Just FYI, a couple lengths of 2x6 pressure treateds worked just fine. I was able to get onto the ramps with no scraping at all. Thanks for the advice!
That's what I'd call overkill... I'd prefer a small lift instead. Less space, stores easier.
I ordered a set from one of the vette magazines, I think they are called ultra ramps. They come with the plastic pieces that reduce the incline. The front airdam just rubs a little doesn't really flex it much. The only problem is that the tires barely fit in the ramps, it takes a couple attempts, with someone watching, to get them centered. They do work, but for ramps that are advertised for c4's one would think they would perfect.

For the front, push them in against the tires. I own them...i got no problems with them
For the front, push them in against the tires. I own them...i got no problems with them

I was, and that's when the skirts were rubbing. The answer turns out to be that later C4's have higher front skirts. My Bro-in-law's 93 does *NOT* scrape, and his skirts are at least an inch higher than my 86. We had the two cars side-by-side Sunday. So your 92 probably has the different skirts as well - his whole front diffuser/airdam was different to pull air differently into the radiator, so I am gathering this is an LT-1 thing.

My '95 scrapes those same ramps!
What's up with that?
Maybe my tires were flat. Or maybe my tires have too low of a profile. Or maybe my garage floor is higher than yours. Or maybe my car is a low-rider. Or.....


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