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Low voltage



i replaced my altnator, and my battery

my dash shows 11.4 volts

and the ohm meter touching the positive to the battery and the side of the altinator

shows 11.8

i took the altnator to the auto placed and they tested it to be putting out 14.8 volts

has anyone had this problem, i own a 85'


yeah, thanx

before my alt went out it burnt that connector

maybe i need to replace it


low voltage

yeah i bought alternater about a month ago and then last week i notice it getting down to 11.4,i though oh no .But i had installed a new stereo,the amplifier was bad and draining the alternater,took out amp and replaced alternater,things are looking good again,i love my blue 84


yours is more of a blue/green

im painting mine all blue,, true blue, kinda a dark blue,,, more then light

with two white stripes downt he center of it


i started the car,,, and unpluged that top plug in

and it made no affect me unplugging it

i checked hte voltage with a ohm meter on the positive and negitive post of the battery with the car off and it read 12.05 volts then i tested it with the car on, "the haynes book says it should raise to 14, to 15 volts" but mine went down to 11.25 volts and kept decreasing, i think this is telling me that the car is running off my battery,,,, i think it might be my fuse link on that red wire going to my positive post ont he bat


ok guy's i fixed my problem

that connector was fine,,,

anyways, I followed the wire off my alt
all the way to the other side of my engine to my starter

and found a fuse link that was burnt

i pinched the wire and there was no wire in a spot on the link so that was my problem,,, so i fixed that, and now im reading really godo volts

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