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I got a call today from a friend about having an LT4 engine in his possession. He was wanting to know if I wanted it for $600. I know nothing about this motor. Can someone give me some idea if its worth the money? I have not seen it yet and have no idea what shape its in. He said he was told it was running when it was pulled. I am thinking the heads and fuel injection may be worth the money. I could also possibly talk him down to around $400. Thoughts.
If it is not blown up, buy it. Well worth $600. The LT4 was used only in 1996. Came with any Vette with the manual trans that year. It was an upgrade to the LT1 at 330 hp compared to 300 hp.

It is well worth that price. However, please be advised from the been there done it file, that the cost involved in retrofitting one of those into a different car is crazy. There is much more to making it run outside of the donor car than a harness alone.

Othere than street rods, if you spent the money that it takes to get those in tip top shape and running in the donor vehicle, you could have built a heck of a normal V8 that would run circles around the LT4.

You also need to get all the numbers possible off the block, and make sure that it is not some old worn out LT1 with LT4 covers on it.
Good advice, Chris. Do you know if the heads will swap over. I expect not, since its a second, or is it third, gen 350.
Hijinx said:
Good advice, Chris. Do you know if the heads will swap over. I expect not, since its a second, or is it third, gen 350.

The only major part that is interchangable between the classic Chevy small block and the LT1/LT4 is the crankshaft. Nothing major is interchangable between the CSB or LT1/LT4 and the current LS1/LS6.

pop the valve cover if it roller rockers it's and LT4, but those could be aftermarket too. your better off getting the number off the block and check with chevy. also be advised that the early production LT4 motors had a recall due to a rocker problem which was fixed later in the year

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