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Mid year radio replacement project



Hi Gang. Based on the info I have been able to gather I have checked out Ken Harrison Ent. & Audio Sound regarding mid year replacemnt radios. Audio Sound's "SecretAudio" sounds most promising, in that I can simply leave my orig. radio where it is convieniently hide the Audio Sound and control it with the remote. Check it out, www.secretaudio.com. The SS model is $239.95, with a CD changer it is $489.00. I think these prices sound reasonable. Let me know if anyone has any other suggestions or has tried this product. Thanks for the members help that helped me find this info.


I just put in the USA-5 model stereo from Custom Autosound. I installed 2-4" speakers in the original position up front and 2-6"x9"'s in boxes in the rear. Sound isn't to bad. Unfortunately not as good as a new car factory unit, but I didn't expect it would be. Custom Autosound is about the only option for Midyears if you don't want to cut up your dash.

I considered the secretaudio as well. But, I didn't have an Orig. stereo to begin with.

I will probably go with an external amp in the next year or so to try to get some cleaner, fuller sound out of the stereo. The specs on the Custom Autosound units aren't the greatest but they work.

If you go with the SecretAudio unit I'm curious as to how well it works.



I installed a CustomAudio system. It's OK, but I probably wouldn't do it again.

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