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Hi. I am considering replacing my stock 66 AM/FM radio. Where cna I get info about Auto Sound and Crutchford. Thanks
Hi gang.

Thanks to the info I rec'd. I was able to get info from Ken Harrison Ent. Inc. and Custom Audio Sound. From this info I have some great opportunities to replace my radio in my orig. & cherishsed 66 roadster. Before I make any commitments, does anybody know of companies I hear about that take your orig. radio and convert it to a current tech. am/fm. etc. I am intereseted in this possibilty, but reluctant to possibly sacrifice orig. radio. Let me hear your comments please, and
thanks. Dusty
I am looking for the same info for my 64. The radios from Custom Auto sound and Kenwood just don't look correct. If there is someone who does the conversion, I'll pick up an old non-operational radio and use it for the conversion.
If I find some time this summer, I may try converting a broken mid year radio. I'm investigating a few candidate newer radios I can get the guts out of. If all goes well, who knows, I may go into business myself. I'll keep y'all posted.
If anyone out there has a non-working mid-year radio that is laying on a shelf somewhere, I am looking for one to attempt a stereo upgrade/transformation.
For those interested, I'll be documenting the process so others may try this as well. The donor sterio radio will be a late 60's to early 70's Delco mechanical stereo radio (no tape).
Just need a carcass to get started.
I just ran across an ad on eBay for a 67 coupe which showed a picture of a manual titled "Chevrolet AM/FM radio Stereo Adaptor".
Does anyone know if such an animal (the stereo adaptor) was ever offered by GM or Delco?
I have emailed the seller to get a better idea of this item, but in the meantime, if anyone has ever heard of this, please let me know.

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