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Minor oil leak for my '92 big $$$


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Nov 22, 2001
Fort Lauderdale
1992 black coupe, six speed
Here's a typical example of Florida ripoffs. Took the Vette in to the dealer for a scheduled oil change. Lifetime free and they hate it cause they didn't expect anyone to keep the car this long. So I asked them to check for the leak which I knew existed.

Diagnosis - leak from the intake manifold and one from the oil filter adapter. Cost to repair? A mere $600.

So I blast on over to my new best Vette friend (aside from you guys) Carlos, and run this by him. He says the adapter leak will become my worst nightmare dumping more and more oil but it is only a $60 repair. He also said the Vette is way over due for a new fuel filter so I will bring it back in the near future to take care of both problems. By the way - he does not support the pour- your-own additive theory as it causes the tank to suddenly loosen dirt from the sides and force it into the injectors. Of course this is good for his business cause then you will need to go to a shop and flush the injectors. Well some of us do. He says to stick with high octane fuel already supported with fuel injector additives. (This story is on another thread for those who just tuned in)

I also picked up two new wiper blades. Any installation tips before I scratch the windshield?:confused


I had a similar thing on my 300zx
I brought it into the dealer for the injector recall they had to replace EVERYTHING on the top
I got the car back
The AC vents no longer functioned correctly
The car would not start correctly when cold
I brought it back.

Two days later

The AC problem was under the dash $500.00 just to start finding the problem.

The TIMING belt was not installed correctly which was my cold start problem $250.00

I told them NFW

The AC problem was a vac hose was not put in the right place & cracked on install.

The cold start problem was the leads to the cold start connector were ripped out when they did the injector replacement.. the little bits of injector connector were still on the intake.

I WAS TICKED ( keepin it clean )

I took pictures,I wrote letters,I made phone calls.

4 days later.........

I recieved a $250.00 service voucher ( above & beyond the stuff they has to fix ) and a HUGH letter of apology.

I had them replace all my cooling hoses ( which is a NASTY job ) for the $250.00.

I LOVE payback!

Now back to Corvettes

Anyway.. if there's cleaner in the fuel...how does that differ from adding it seperatly???? except MAYBE a higher concentration... but that's why you have a sock on the pump intake & a filter inline and (I think ) small screens internal to the injectors. Not buyin it.

Wipers... just blades or whole arms? I use the towel plan.

Soon I have to do my adaptor & hoses.. it's not leaking YET, but it's that time.

Being close by I was going to ask if you know a good shop in the area. Guess not:eyerole
Had a great shop in NY, sure miss it. I've been doing all my own work which is great but some things are better left to the "pros"( I use that word loosely) and with two vettes it's a full time job:crazy
Well if you ever find one, please let me know.
Ahhh C4ever - but I do... CAM Automotive, 1111 NE 8 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, 832-0144, Tues thru Sat, (yes Sat) 8a - 5p. They do not stop what they are doing to answer the phone, thank God, so you will have to leave a message unless you call right at 8 am. Carlos is the owner/mechanic, tell him I recommended him cause I could always use a discount! ha ha!

Keith - where ya been hiding? Thanks for the info on the wiper blades.

Vigman- I guess you buy American now! Reference the additives - if you use a good fuel, the buildup does not occur to any great degree but if you don't and you try to pop in an over the counter additive, it does works very well. The results could be fouled fuel injectors. Like I am such an expert on this subject. I have never had fouled injectors, though. Just short plugs. I just don't know if I buy into the mom and pop vendors pay for the additives at the fuel farm story. Personally, I think they get the same good grade of gas all the brand names get because they all draw from the same well. (Sorry Ken) I used to think their's came from the bottom of the tank but was told that was BS.

NFW? When the service writer said it would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 for the repair I asked him if there was an L on my forehead. He had no idea what I was talking about.



except if they wore their new LT-1 cap to long & it got wet....

jjones said:
(Sorry Ken)

I never worked in the terminals, so I can't give you first-hand knowledge if the independents receive additives or not. All I can tell you is that the refinery at Chevron doesn't blend the additives into the gasoline recipe, it's added at our terminals.

Speaking of gasoline in general though, for those of you in California, CARB3 gasoline (no more MTBE) is scheduled for early next year. The project planning has begun at the refinery; 72.6 million to be spent on El Segundo's refinery alone. :eek

Of course, we all know that they won't raise the prices at the pump accordingly now will they? :L

_ken :eyerole
Gotta love those reap-air shops

Every time in the last few years that I've taken ANY of my vehicles into a shop they have tried to break it off in me. Either they recommend repairs that have nothing to do with my problem (just to sell parts/labor) or they do repair something and they f*ck it up to the point that I have to take it back again and again or worse, somewhere else to start it alllll over again. Whatever happened to pride in a job well done? It seems to have turned into "get em in and out as fast as possible". My favorite lately is having a local mechanic just peek under the hood (not even take anything off) and tell me that I have a blown head gasket, worn out water pump and my brake lines need to be replaced. $1000! (all this on a 97 Intrepid with 70k) Turned out to be a hole in a hose. HE will never see my vette, unless it is going by his shop REAL fast.:) -END OF RANT-
Ahhhh, the RIP-HAIR places....

I feel there are many mechanics who take pride in their work and the secret is to find them. Does anyone know what aisle I can find one on at the auto parts store? (just kidding, Kenny does most of our repairs now)

Even though my brother-in-law is a F*rd-man (Dale Jarrett #88) I entrusted him to do the engine R&R on 78 4 years ago. I trust him completely. (I know how anal he is about doing everything right and properly) No extra parts left over. I wish I could get him to move out here! (close-by!)

I had a bad experience at a chain garage that installed some split-fire plugs. I didn't notice any difference and thought split-fires were a ripoff. When Joe removed my blown engine, he discovered that only 5 of the plugs were split-fire. The garage mechanic didn't change out the 3 hardest-to-reach ones! Anyhow, when I brought the garage my sack of 8 unmatched plugs...they were VERY accomodating.

Anyway, I think the best way to find a good mechanic is to learn who other vette owners take their's to. I think the Portal here at CACC would be a good resource.
Hi there,
Adapter is correct at about an hour, plus the oring and seal. Figure about $100 at our labor rate of $80
As far as the intake, you are looking at 3 hours labor, along with about $70 dollars in gaskets.
$240 for the intake, and $100 for the adapter, $340 plus tax. Is what you should be paying approx.
As far as the tank additives, there is only one that should really be used, based on GM recommendations for the Multec 2 injectors.
12345515, should be used, only once every six months, not more often.
Composition of the cleaner is what does it, and under normal circumstances, you will find, that you should never have to worry about it after that.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
Thanks - Carlos didn't think the manifold leak was worth the effort and money at this point. I made a note of the injector cleaner for future reference. Nice to know someone else is up this early!
Up early

getting worm, for the bird..she's still sleeping.

Word of mouth is the best way to find a good shop.
Thanks for the reference. You can be sure I'll mention your name.:)
No problem - hope he does you well.

Nice lousy weather we got today for New Year's Eve, huh! I have to see how well my wax job is going to hold up. Love those little beadies.
Quote"Nice lousy weather we got today for New Year's Eve, huh! I have to see how well my wax job is going to hold up. Love those little beadies."

I here ya JJ. Was planning a cruise down to the Keys. Guess not

It looks like Dinner and some DVD.
Have a safe and happy NEW YEAR:cool
fuel filter

On the C4 we got two filters, the tank filter and the line filter. yes once the shop told me on how much it was going to cost I asked them "how do you do it" he was cool and told me...I saved $400 I did it myself.

Is not difficult to accomplish, need patience for the tank filter/strainer. If you have a coupe, it will be 5 times easier because you dont have to remove the "X" frame.

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