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Mods done and my opinion of them!



I took my C6 Z51 A6 to CAM (carolina auto masters) in Durham last week for installation of LG Headers w/cats, custom grind cam, and stat and get a tune. Here's the results:
Stock RWHP: 337.4 Stock RWTQ: 321.5
After Install and Tune RWHP: 406.5 RWTQ: 386.9
We went with a cam that provided smooth and consistant HP gains instead of a HP spike just for a high Dyno number. The car idles strong but quite, very stealthy through the stock exhaust, until you floor it, that is.Sounds like an exotic car thats had some work done rather than the raspy sound I'm used to with the LS1s and LS6s. The biggest gain I can tell by my butt dyno is 30-120+, which is just sick.Period. I've had it up to 170mph and it's smooth and strong all the way through, should've went ahead and bumped the 190/200 digits, but gotta save something for when I'm bored :) Jeff and the guys at his shop were great and very informative. Feel free to ask me any questions about the set up , but I can't give out the cam #s due to it being Jeff's personal grind. All I can say is he calls it the" hellraiser":mad lol!!!!


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Jan 16, 2007
2006 A6
A6 with Mods

How much $$$ will I be looking at to do those mods? I'm thinking of going with same mods is there anything I need to know upfront before I pull the trigger? I'll probably let LG Motorsports do my work.


I got in for under $3k...just be sure to careful about cam selection....a high HP spike is cool for dyno sheet racing, but not much else.

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