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more fun ..electrical mess



So today I had a very strange combination of electrical things stop working. Both power door locks, drivers side power window and my dash lights. They all went at once. The most confusing part is why the pass window still works, you would thing they were on the same wiring.

So I checked all the fuses and nothing blown. The power window switchs and the window swith have power going to them just not getting to the window motor and actulators. I dont even know where to start the electrical system or fuse box rather my be behond what I will attemp. Just dont see how all three of these would all go at once. They all worked fine yesterday.

Any thoughts from the experts??


No expert here , but I would be surprised if its not a ground problem.

Sorry I couldn't tell you where to look for it..

Sure somebody will though.



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Dec 27, 2001
janesville wi usa
1982 bright blue coupe
Do you suppose that when the drivers window was rolled down it snaged the wires and pulled them loose? If a lock switch is disconnected then both locks stop working.Dash lights,there on a different circuit,usually tied into the tail lights so you better look before driving at night.Make sure the panel dimmer isn't turned all the way down,other than that I've no idea.


The door locks were a bad connection on my passenger side control switch, got that all fixed up.

Found a wire from my dash lights were some one had run a inline fuse perviuosly and most likley into the fuse box directly. It is just hanging there and Im not sure which fuse runs my light as I have no manual and all the print is worn off the fuse box itself. Looks like it just need to be plugged in if I can figue out where ??

The window is still a mystery. Its a new switch this year so I am asuming the motor or a pinched wire in the door jam.

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