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Mounted Seat Covers


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Apr 12, 2001
New England
2010 CRMT Grand Sport Coupe
Hi All! I'm going to purchase the mounted seat covers from Ecklers. My 82 is flawless except for a rip in the bottom drivers seat. I understand that these cushions snap in and out. Can someone tell me what type of snaps? I don't want to break any "special" clips. Do the cushions just pop out with a tug?

Thanks - Guy

82 Guy.....on my 81 the seat foam has a wire frame, you should be able to pull up on the back seat to get it off.Hope this helps.

There are two sets of clips along each side of the seat back. You must squeeze the cushion together (like an accordion) to release it from the clips and to reinstall.. The seat bottom has similar clips but I don't recall where they are located.
Hope this helps.
Thanks, guys! I took a look and even I can do it. Now I'm just waiting for the covers to come in. I met a guy at a New Hampshire cruise in Friday night who has an 81 with a rip in the same place - lower drivers left side. Must be from siding in. Thanks again - this is just the info I needed.


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