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mufflers an HP



I have read that Corvette -88 coupe has 245hp but cabriolet have 240hp, and that depends on the mufflers (lower sound for cabrio) but if i try tho buy new stock GM mufflers or from Ecklers or Zip-vette there are no differens on mufflers for coupe or cabrio. Any one who now, is there is any other differens than the mufflers between cabrio and Coupe? will i have 5hp extra when buying new ones.:)
Magnus, I know that I read that somewhere about the Z-51 equipped coupes had mufflers that had all four openings functional, and the 'verts only had two of the four functioning, but I have hunted and hunted for the past year and I can't find or remember where I read that. :eyerole

I do know that all four openings on my original mufflers were functional. ;)

Good luck in your search.

_ken :w

That´s right i have only one opening at each muffler.
You're right. I read that a long time ago on the vettenet news group. Someone had noticed that 1 of the 2 outlets always looked dirtier than the other. It's cause one side wasn't functional. That was apparently part of the Z51 setup but was rarely mentioned. Most folks just thought the Z51 option was all suspension changes and the faster steering rack.

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