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Help! My baby is finally home but there is a problem


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Aug 30, 2007
1981 White Coupe
I finally got my 81 home and reverse is out. It appears the reverse linkage is not connected to the tranny. I guess after hualing it 800 miles some thing came loose. Does anyone know how the rod connects? My friend has a lift so I can get a better look at it this weekend. I could feel its just hanging free. I'll post some pics of this weekend to share with everyone.


P. Martin
It's essentially a rod and a clip. You should be able to see where the reverse rod has disconnected. 1981 assembly instruction manual (AIM) would help.

I'm in Jacksonville to...Are you a member of any of the local corvette clubs?
I'm in Jacksonville to...Are you a member of any of the local corvette clubs?

What I know about Jacksonville : my mother was born there 93 years ago in the back seat of a Packard.:)

The Jacksonville airport is very close to the Georgia state line.:)

It's a very big city land area

I know where Philips highway is.

And it's a nice place

I always wave as I drive thru .

Good luck with your tranny ,

S. Martin
Reverse is back! I lost a linkage pin and it only took my 4 hours fix. I guess there is a learning curve for a first time 81 owner.

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