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My heartbreak. Please come in.


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Apr 5, 2004
Jacksonville, Fl
'81 dark blue
This past weekend while I was out of town, my Vette was stolen and totaled. They slammed the left front wheel into a cement post, shattering the wheel and left front fender and breaking the frame just ahead of the motor mount.

I am heartbroken. I bought it about 9 years ago and have gone through the whole car, doing all of the work myself and building it just like I wanted it. Now this.

To make the best of it, perhaps some of you need parts for your cars. Most of you know me, I've been here for a while. Here are a few of the items that may be of interest (sorry, the BTO 700r4 and my built engine are already sold).

While I have a buyer for the engine, he is not using the CCC system and does not need the E4ME carb, so my ultimate hot rodded carb is available (check my posts or ask around if you do not know about my carb), as well as my ECM with a Hypertech performance chip (I also have two good ECM controlled distributors). I also have the original intake and the smog pump.

The headlights/ actuators etc are fine and available. I have a fairly new set of Bilstien sport shocks all the way around, although I am not sure of the condition of the L front one (if interested, I will get it off and check it).

The rear end is good (no noise or leaks) and the rear Gymkana suspension (leaf spring and sway bar) are in good shape.

My interior is dark blue and the door panels and dash are in great shape. The fiberglass T-tops are good. Both doors are okay, although the driver's door has some imperfections (ask if interested).

Other than that, the car was driven almost every day so everything mechanical on it was perfect, if you need something, just ask.

God bless, Cris
Man... Cris that is a shame....

Those of us that have been around for awhile, and esp. those of us in the L81VetteRegistry KNOW you and your car... and to hear this is like getting kicked in Stomach ....

I wish you well parting out your 81 and get good $$ for them. You are a great inspiration and provided a lot of Registry Members with great information and even to the point of rebuilding a few carbs for them... Hope you find another Corvette... I know where there is a fairly pristine 1981 4Speed ;) ..

Hopefully they captured the thief and he gets a few years to think about his actions... Guess the "boy" stole more car than he could handle ;) :lou

Better days are just around the Corner :dance

Oh No! :ugh I hope you had good insurance? Just once I would like to catch someone doing that. I'm 6"5" 250 perhaps I could teach them to never try it again!

Sorry to hear of your misfortune...
that sux to say the least,
I hope the Ins.will help ease the pain!!!!
good luck with your parts sale!!!!
Whaddya want for the carb????FYI..
PM me.

I am so sorry to hear about this. It hurts anyone that has their beloved Corvette stolen and destroyed, but even more so, I think, when your sweat and heart went into that one.

Hopefully, we'll see you soon in another beauty.

Hello Cris,

I was hoping to see you under other conditions. :(

It's ashame others don't appreciate the time and effort you put into your 81!

I hope you look back at the time you drove and build your 81 as "the good days" in your live, and hoping you'll find a car that will give you the same good days in the future.

I know I learned alot from your E4ME topics so if you can get your hands on the next 81 Corvette, don't hesitate :)
All the best to you!

Greetings Peter
My condolences as well, Chris. The thought of going through what you're experiencing is, as Yoda said, like a kick in the stomach.

I sincerely hope the perp or perps were caught, or soon will be, and justice will be served.

:wJane Ann
Cris so sorry to hear of your loss. The 81's are special and I know the hardship to keep these special models going and keeping them stock to preserve the way they came off the assembly line. Mine is dark blue too so I feel connected to you. Again hate it bad and do hope all wroks out insurance wise and hopefully the law caugth the basters and they arein jail now and have to pay dearly for their sin.
Think you will take on another car?


I feel like I lost a family member, I can't replace it. I may feel differently some time in the future, but right now, that's where I am at.

P.S. Carb is sold. Thanks Bill.
This is completly upsetting.....I know from the years I have been on here of all the work you have done and how you enjoyed this car. Be nice if you got the chance to have a few "words" with the punks that took it from you.

Hopefully you will get some "good" out of knowing that the parts from your car will go on and live in another.

Let us know if the punks were found, hopefully hurt real bad, and what sentence they get.

And stay on this forum.....all of us need your experience.

Speaking of which....have finally got the parts to build the adjustable +5V source for the MAP sensor, with my hope to lean-out the fuel mixture a bit. Will see in the next few days or so.

....have finally got the parts to build the adjustable +5V source for the MAP sensor, with my hope to lean-out the fuel mixture a bit. Will see in the next few days or so.


For anyone who does not know about this, he is talking about a voltage adjuster circuit I built to allow a larger cam (less vacuum) with the CCC system. If interested, I would sell this devise cheap.

God bless, Cris
"Sensei" has been here on the CAC for a long time. I read this thread and am totally bummed to learn about it.

I know the feeling, though.

I had a Chevy Malibu hot rod/project car which was stolen right out of my driveway one night and early the next morning the perp crashed it. It's funny about car people and their cars...you feel seriously violated when that happens.

My old Chevelle was a total loss according to the ins. company but I bought it back, had it repaired and drive it another 12 years and 80,000 miles.

I wish "Sensei" could have been as lucky.

Hope you find another late C3 that you like.
The Bilstein shocks are off and all are great. $125 + shipping for all 4.

God bless, Cris

Sorry to hear about your lost, you have provided all of us a lot of helpful information, I hope that you can find a way to heal your pain and stay active with your Corvette hobby. The criminals that did this to you will hopefully be judged for their lack of compassion to mankind....Tim
Shocks, dash and tail lights are spoken for.

If you are running an open air filter element and would like to get the original dual snorkle cold air intake (including a good K&N filter), let me know. It is a great set up and would be a shame to waste.

God bless, Cris

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