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My new Idea! Post your opinion


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Here my new Interior rebuild setup Ill try to post as much as possible here

These Seats

Red Carpet (all of it including doors,rear,floor)

My subfloor in the back (Sub box covers the entire hatch space) will remain grey but the quarter panels (where the speakers are) will be red

The wood grain dash will stay for now

All my plastic is grey

And the Floor mats will be Black with the emroidered emblem
And yes Im currently saving a little bit of cash for a Digital camera.
If someone can reccomend me a cheaper one thats really good please let me know (Im ignorant to these things)
Wow, that combo is going to POP in the sunlight.

Are you going to get creative with the dash as all?
That interior looks really nice. I hope to have something as cool as that someday.

I'm kinda into cameras and really like just about any of the Nikon Coolpix and the majority of the Olympus cameras. For just point-and-shoot application I would try to find one of those on the internet (e-cost, etc), and try to get a 3.3 Megapixel. If you're not planning to do many enlargements, a 2.2 megapixel CCD is going to do just as well and should cost less. Remember that the optical zoom is more effective than the "digital zoom" in keeping resolution. This is why I favor the Olympus and Nikon (their optics are very sound).

Good luck
Thanks alot for the information Greg, thats the most ive learned about these things since I started (I like Nikon they've been good to me) I'll go to the store and check them out.

On my interior Im stuff between a rock and a hard place because I LOVE these seats as well!! (wish I knew how to take a poll) :L


And my dash is all Burlwood Walnut from Ecklers. The Breadbox is gone but is going back one because my body shop put on my wood (insurance claim) but they screwed and drilled the wood and didnt countersink i. Oh well Im going to accomodate a glove compartment of some kind anyway.

I'll get a Camera this or next week and get going on this stuff
Thanks for all your input.:TALK
sounds like a great combination! I cant recommend getting a Carbon Fibre dash enough when u decide to do the dash.......see ours at our site under "customization"......they make one that is red AND BLACK..it would look FANTASTIC!!!!!

PS Greg is right on.....We did all our pics with the Olympus-340 R which was $250 ....it has no optical zoom but we would recommend it on anything new we bought...at least 3x optical
These Mats

Pick a Seat

This Carpet

This Dash

Heres a Decent picture of a 90+ car with a similar interior. Im goning to try a more Hotrod look but its a good pic to get the idea

The Vinyl on the door will be Grey, the Seats aftermarket, With a 89 or lower year Interior with a really cool panasonic deck in there.
You know 84 Ive got the Burlwood already...

But I actually was thinking of going to the Red Carbon fibre. I know this stuff is basiclly a sticker and if I pull it off it wont be wasted if I do it carefully. Who knows that will be the last decision I make after its all done but good heads up thanks.

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