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Name this wire


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Sep 25, 2009
Bremerton Wa - Okinawa Japan
1972 stringray
Question of the day. I found a wire taped to the drivers side windshield pillar. About 16" long and about 24 gage with black covering. What is it? Is it used to remove the windshield? ;shrug
Antenna for an alarm system?????
Andy :w
Maybe Bubba needed filler when replacing the windshield ;shrug

pics of the wire?
What kind of wire? Copper strands? Solid? Did the sheathing have any perceptible color? Did the ends of the wire look like they may have been attached to anything or broken intentionally?
Picture supplied by Paz72vette

Dome light or visor light wire?
visor light wire?

This is what I was thinking. Vince, do either of the visors have a lighted mirror? (if that was even an option in '72)
Nope. It is just a wire that was taped up. I know the window was replaced at least once. It is very flexable but strong. Only thing I could think of was it is used to remove the windshield. Dane, the things that make youu go hum.
Don't know, I didn't have one in my original 72 coupe. You better look at the birdcage rust though.
Well, you are all missing the point here. I don't know what the hell the wire is either. But the original post said to name this wire, so I am calling it Bill:D

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