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NCM Build Sheet vs. Window Sticker

Jan 13, 2002
'02Torch Red Coupe - sold
Question: I just received my laminated build sheet, laminated window sticker, black book, etc..... Why is the price on the laminated window sticker different than the actual window sticker?? The following are the discrepancies: base price 41680 vs 41005, eq. grp #2 2750 vs. 2700, wheels 1295 vs 1200, 6 speed 915 vs 815, perf. handling pkg 395 vs. 350, side moldings 150 vs. 75. The total sticker difference is $1,140. Guess which one is more expensive?
I am so confused:confused The VIN matches, and all options match, dealer name matches so I know it is the correct window sticker from NCM. HELP, please! :duh
Usually the sticker will have the cost of equipment including the installation labor, while the NCM sticker will only have the COST of the equipment.

Just a possibility.

Thanks Russ, but I'm not sure that is the answer? Can anyone else shed some light on this, PLEASE.
I think those numbers reflect the price of those components at diferent points during the model year. In particular, I remember the body side molding for 02 being $75 early on but was later changed to $150 late in the run.
Clairvoyant - thats exactly the problem. I have emailed the NCM and requested a new window sticker reflecting my prices. Thanks & I will let you know what happens.
Sounds like the car was built around the time of the spring price increase when a number of prices changed. The build sheet was probably correct beforehand and never updated. In that sense, they're both correct.
Just to finish this story.... Thanks to the NCM, in todays mail I got a new laminated window sticker with all the correct prices. Job well done, happy customer!!!:beer

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