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need help from G S owners



can any one pls tell me the dimensions of the hash marks on the gs i need how wide and the lenght please. thank you guys
Welcome to the CACC Speedracer.:)

Eclkers sells hashmarks for the C4 and C5, though from what I've heard the C4 hashmarks are not the same dimensions as what's on the car.

Let me look around a bit, I think I can find the dimensions of the hashmarks.

As promised, here are the dimensions for the Hashmarks: approximately 3-1/2" wide, 8-7/8" long, 1" apart.
If painting, use Torch Red paint for the closest match.

The GM part # for the Hashmarks decal should be 10279781,
listed as "STRIPE, F/FDR WHL OPG" lists for $28.50.

thank you verrrrrrrry much you guys are the bessssst we are having the painted and clearcoated the car is getting a new paint job

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