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Need help with wiring of my new(used) electric fans!


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Jan 26, 2001
Asheville, NC
1973 converted to 1980 custom convertible
Got the 95 Trans Am dual electric fans, but have no real wiring diagram to work from. I already purchased an adjustable electric fan thermostat wiring kit and seperate 30amp relay. The adjustable thermostat kit uses a sensor installed into the fins of the thermostat as opposed to a sensor that screws into the manifold or block. Anyone forsee a problem with this setup? Also, do I just insert this sensor right into the radiator fins? What I really need is simple wiring directions to wire all this together. Anyone out there got some experience they wish to share? My a/c is not functional, so I don't need to wire it into the electric fan wiring harness until sometime later. I read that when installing dual fans, they should be installed via a relay instead of directly to power source because of amps they draw. Any help would be appreciated, especially a wiring diagram.



Piece of cake,

First, go to about 5" away from the inlet side of the radiator and push the sender through. It should come with two little foam rubber pads and a clip. You will break off the part that sticks beyond the radiator. This is a great durable and reliable street application. I have used them for years.

Now, you have a choice on the relay. You can trigger it with either a ground or 12+ signal. I prefer to trigger with a ground. So, you connet a wire to a good ground source (radiator support is fine. Run it to one side of the sensor switch that you stuck in the radiator. Run the other side with a fresh wire over to the ground side of the relay.

Now, at the relay you want to bring in a good 10 gauge or so wire from the battery (fused 30 amp) and you want to bring a small gauge wire in that is only 12+ when the key is on. Now, you hook the other wire coming out of the relay to the fan 12+ and run the other side of the fan to a good chassis ground.

What will happen is the fan will only run when the key is on. When the radiator hits the desired temp the switch will trigger running the ground in to the relay where the 12+ from the ignition will pull the contact together and run the 12+ from the battery to the fan.

Awesome way to go, it is all automatic and you should be able to wire it up in an hour or so.

Now, you have dual fans? If so, I would run a relay for each fan. If you like, use the power going to fan one to trigger the relay for fan two.

Hope that makes since to you.


i put twin fans on my 84 trans am used 1989 iroc twin fans and used a 1989 trans am electrical fan harness the harness is simple to install since it is seperate from any of the vehicles other harnesses they also have twin relays probably the most you would have to is change the plugs that go into the fan motors hope this works for you

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