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Need pricing help!


Raw Iron 1

Yo all! I am a noob here!

Anyway, I just bought a house and got married so my "toy" has to go!

I need to know what this bad girl is worth. I just rebuilt the carb and cleaned the interior. Still needs a wash job. The car is clean under the hood and I keep everything under it painted Krylon gloss black.

Here is what I got...

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Stingray, convertible, soft top
Year: 1971
Engine: L-48
Trans: TH-400 3 speed auto
Options: AM/FM radio, power steering, air conditioning, electric windows.
Factory Mods?!?: This car came from the factory with big block rear axle, big block drive shaft, and big block half shafts. Why I do not know. My dad is the original owner so I know that it came this way.
Color: Yellow, brown interior, black top.

Aftermarket mods:

1.) Holley 6619 600cfm 4bbl carb jetted and springed (Holley quick change spring kit (pulls hard!).
2.) Edelbrock Torquer intake.
3.) 1971 LT-1 air cleaner.
4.) K&N air filter.
5.) AC Rapid fire plugs.
6.) H.E.I. ignition.
7.) 12 volt choke (9 was stock, right?).
8.) B&M stage II shift kit (street/strip).
9.) ALL polyurathane bushings in the suspension with graphite lube.
10.) Heavy duty replacement axle cover/spring support (stock cracked!).
11.) Big block hood.
12.) GM hard top! Ordered against a 1975 Vette! Bought for $500 in 1975.
13.) Stainless steel flex brake lines.
14.) Stainless steel sleeved brake calipers.
15.) 112mph radial tires.
16.) Heat riser locked open.
17.) Heavy duty front springs.
18.) Gas shocks (stock were liquid, right?).
19.) Nelson Specialties brass point cap and rotor.
20.) 600cca battery (stock was 450 I think).

Body: fair condition
Interior: fair condition
Paint: fair condition
Frame: front half (good), rear half (fair to poor).

So what price should I expect for this thing? I also have about $200 worth of new, uninstalled parts. I was guessing $6000 - $8000.

Raw Iron 1
May 4, 2004
Mt. Vernon,NY,USA
1990 Bk/Gy ZR-1, #2233
Hi Raw Iron, there is a site " vettefinders.com" that has a pricing work sheet, ya know one of those plug in the info things and the answer comes up. I think even "collectorcartrader.com" has one too. I've been looking for a vette for a while now and I have come to the conclusion that pricing is an individual thing, I've only looked at ' 68- ' 72 sharks. One thing might be important, did you save all the original parts? It seems that this is very important for the potiential restorer, and it does seem to affect the price. Ya know appeal to the biggest market thing. All A/T cars of that vintage used the big block parts.

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