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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1
I have a friend that wants to sell her 1976 Corvette. The car is an automatic with 28K miles on it. She is the second owner and has owned the car since 1988. She has only put approximately 2K miles on the car since she's owned it. It's always been garaged and has never seen rain. It has won several show trophys which came with the car from the previous owner.

It has black interior.

Since I don't have a lot of experience with this generation, how much would a car like this go for? I asked her if it has L82 lettering on the hood, but she said she doesn't recall seeing any, so I'll assume it has the base engine.

The other thing that I'm a little confused about is....based upon the 1976 specs. page.....which I built :D, I don't see Black as being an exterior color option. Does anyone have any other information about this?
Rob, I certainatley will not admit to being an expert, especially, when it comes to how much somthing is worth, I will at least try to help a little. Acording to the Black Book black was not an option for 76. You might want to check the trim tag on the front driver's side door pillar to see what the original color was. The seller, usually needs to know this because the buyer will ask, and usually they will know where to look. As far as price, I really peeved a guy once who called me wanting me to tell him how much his '79, with only 9000 miles on it was worth. I told him that, to me, it was still a '79(not to say anything bad about 79's),but low miles on a 75-82 at this point in time really does not mean much other then all the seals, calipers and valve guides will be shot. But, if this was my car and it is as nice as you say, I would put it out there for at least 12K and go from there. What ever price you put on it, remember, "You can always go down, but you can rareley go up"...............Steve............This is just my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of any body else I know :J
Rob, I just looked at my 2000 Vette-n-vestments pricing guide and it says,"High 13K, low 4800 average 7400"........So there ya go..................I wasn't too far off, Huh??????Steve

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