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New engine build and need advice...


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Feb 21, 2012
Prosperity, SC
I have a 73 vert and I'm changing over to a 5 speed and a 383. I'm down to picking an intake manifold. Just need one that's going to fit physically under the hood and with my engine combo. So far I'm going to run between 9 and 10 to 1 compression. Probably closer to 9. I'm installing the powerjection III fuel injection system which takes a square bore intake. Also picked a lunati hyd roller cam part number 10020LK. Specs below.Advertised Duration (Intake/Exhaust) 276/286Duration @.050" (Intake/Exhaust) 218/228Gross Valve Lift (Intake/Exhaust) .503"/.503"Lobe Seperation 112Intake Center Line 108RPM Range 1800-5800I've have chosen AFR 195 heads and Thorley headers. If you have any suggestions on the intake I would appreciate it. Also if you have any comments on the above items or general suggestions I'm always open for new ideas and any help.Oh and one last question.... Would I be better off with angled or straight plugs being I'm using the Thorley headers?Thank you

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