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Striker 85

I am looking to do a few upgrades. The enigne was rebuilt about 5 years ago and a "hot cam" was put in, but I do not know the specs, still trying to get that. I can tell it has a very low idle by the vibrations. I also put on a Magna Flow exhust with an 86 style free flow Cat, Airfoil and Accel Super Coil. I have topped it off with a Votex Air Rammer. Now I am looking at doing the following:

TPIS Runners and Manifold (Thought about a Mini Ram II, but that changes the appearance of the engine too much)
Porting the Plenuim
A higher flowing 52mm TB or a 58MM???
I plan on upping the Injectors 30LBS??? and fuel regulator
Headers? I am leaning towards ceramic coated hooker huggers
With these mods, I am wondering what heads I should go with? I want to make a faster street cruiser, not really looking to race at the strip, maybe a rally or 2.

I still retain my stock Doug Nash and power train, and am very happy with it. Did some servicing last year and it is as tight as ever.

I plan on buying the parts slowly and then once I have the "package" together, ripping her all apart and putting it on. Right now the 69 is the money pit, but the 85 wants some attention too.

I know I am going to get a flurry of opinions, but that is what I love about CAC.


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Oct 21, 2002
Chicago, Il
is that the GM hot cam? Get the AFR 195 Eliminator heads. Best head out there for the money. Period!


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Mar 27, 2005
1990 Red Coupe 6 speed
Well imo you won't need a 58mm throttle body or 30# injectors.

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