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New old 1992



I'm flying out tonight to (hopefully) pick up my new (old) vette. It's a 1992 Purple (Black Rose?) with 56,000 miles.

My question is: How do you tell what options originally came on the vette? and What should I look for being bad on a '92
Option Codes...

HOT-VFR, The first thing you'll need is the Corvette Black Book by Michael Antonick. It'll have most of the code descriptions available for that model year.
One place to look for the codes to the options is on the inside of the console lid (that's where mine - '87 - is) or the inside of the rear storage compartment lid.
Another way is to find the "build sheet" for the VIN of your car. it is usally found in hard-to-get-to places like above the gas tank, in the seat backs, in the frame rails, and other strange places.
The "build sheets" can also be obtained through the National Corvette Museum, links to which can be found all over this site, but to make it easy, here it is:


Good luck with your new "old" Vette.
Well, That was a bust!!! His Idea of 100% inside and out was anything but. Currently stuck in Clearwater FL after $1500 in flight cost to find out the car was junk. It had a clear carfax but there was obvious repair work to the front right quarter...Here's the VIN 1G1YY23P8N5115934 so pass the word. It needs at least $6000 - $7000 in repairs to bring it to 100%
That sucks!

Oh man, what a bummer!!:mad:...........Did you get any pics of the car before you went there?? Man, that's horrible. Just for the record, if you're looking in FL......Roger's Corvette in Orlando has the cleanest cars I've ever seen. I was just there a week ago with my video camera:) (and YES, my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy)

Good luck on your search......


Unfortunately, a lot of people's idea of "mint condition" "immaculate", etc., are very different from our own. Sorry to hear it was wasted trip.
Originally posted by JT ZR-Won
(and YES, my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy)

Welcome to the club JT!:D

Sorry to hear about your wasted trip Hot. JT's right about Rogers Corvette though. He's got a great selection of Vettes avalible.

While you are there you should check out Roger's. Might strike gold yet ...and make the money spent on your trip pay off. I have heard that his prices are reasonable and not inflated. I window shop his inventory from time to time on line, and there are alway nice looking cars.
Rob has a good point

:eek: I work on "immaculate" Corvettes everyday or at least that is what it's current owner thinks. It is amazing to me that a lot of the times, a customer brings me their car to have work performed. I put it on the rack, so I can give it a thorough once over(or under, in this case), and the customer says thing like"so that's what the bottom of it looks like". Most of these guys has never seen the bottom of their Corvette. So, I'm looking around, and I see things..........should I tell what I see? Or should I just let them keep believing? I usually ask them if they want to know, they always say yes but, then I feel like I'm raggin' their car.......Oh, what's an honest guy to do?????????? :rolleyes: ............Steve
The joys of shopping for a used Corvette. You can learn a whole new use of words.
immaculate = needs complete resteration
pampered = once was a rite-off
highly modified = K & N air filter
etc.....we could write a book! Good luck in your search.

Barbie, I'll have to remember your scale......That is exactlly right..........Steve
:s O.K. - Found one... I'm now the proud owner of a 1993 Ruby Red 40th anniversary six-speed in original condition. It has 36,000 miles and got a stamp of approval from a local mechanic that specaializes in vettes and does most of the service and repairs for the vette club here in clearwater. Major Cudos for the prez of the club who pulled my fat out of the fire dowm here.

Love those Ruby Red 40th cars. Can't waite to see pics. I'm glad all worked out for you.

Tom:J :J :J
:) I've taken pictures, but I have to get them developed andscan them in. I drove the car from Tampa, Florida to San Diego the to Las vegas which is where I'm at now. In a couple days I'll be shipping it home to Hawaii from Los Angeles. The vette has been running like a champ.

Question? The book shows that a 160 degree thermostat and a stage II chip has been installed. Can anyone tell me what kind of horsepower I'm pushing?
HOT-VFR, Congrats man.......you've got a special car there! I know the feeling your having about a new Vette. I just bought mine a week ago:)

If the only mods to the car are a 160 thermostat & stage II Hypertech, the car isn't pushing much over the stock 300 horsepower. But, those mods are a great little bonus becuase instead of the car running at the normal 200+ degrees, you'll now run somewhere in the range of 170 - 195. Another little "mod" that you might want to invest in is a K&N air filter. You won't notice a bit of difference, but for $40-$50 your car will thank you because it will breathe better & you never have to worry about replacing the air filter again.

Have fun with with your new 40th!!:D


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