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I hope I don't appear completely stupid, but this site is new for me and I'm not real comfortable with it yet. But I guess others have figured it out, so maybe I can too. It looks interesting, and a lot of variety.
I was wondering if anyone out there has put driving lights (running lights) on their vette? It doesn't look like it would be hard to do on mine ('76), but if someone else out there has already done it, I would appreciate your input. What looks good? How did you wire them to come on with the car starting?
I look forward to a reply and I hope I can be of help on someone else's project.


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Jan 30, 2001
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Welcome to the Corvette Action Center kek.

Hang in there, you'll get plenty of response to this question. I'm sure people have done it before.



Hi kek,
Welcome to the CAC, where the people are friendly and Corvette-talk abounds!
I don't have any experience relating to your question, but do you mean having the headlights automatically come on when you are driving?..or just the rear and front small lights?..or do you mean an entirely different set of lights other than what has already come on the car?
Someone here can answer your question, but for now, let me just welcome you to CAC. Jump right in. Everyone likes to meet new members and hear their stories and help answer questions.
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Oct 12, 2000
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kek Welcome to The Corvette Action Center

I haven't personally added running lights to my 81, but it would not be to much of a big thing.

There are numerous lights out there now days, many more to select from than the old "FOG" lights. Some a pretty small and look very good. Guess you would need to figure out where you would want to mount them. An option may be behind the front grill.

Most lights will come with instructions, but if you want them to work when the ignition is on then you need to find a fuse that is associated with the ignition, ie. radio, there may even be a spare fuse slot in the ignition portion of the fuse panel. Your radio fuse should be 10 or 15 amp, which may or may not be big enough to handle halogen running lights.

Hope you can find the time to visit the rest of The Corvette Action Center... lots of good tech, spec and general interest articles to be found. And Lots of Nice people :cool


Hi Kek,
Welcome to the forum.. Forget about those running lights . Everyone sees a Vette coming down the road and those that don't feel that gush of wind as they are passed.:cool



Welcome - I too just joined and enjoy this site and am trying to figure out how to navigate around. The people all have been courteous and helpful and some of them are very funny. Enjoy, comrade! I'm VetteGuy66 on this site, Marc in real life, whatever that is.


What is "Save the Wave"?

Greetings Fellow Vette-Men and Vette-Women - I know I am like a small child who's wandered off from the 63 - 67 tech pages and into... where am I? 68 - 82 or something? No matter, my query is this: what is the "Save the Wave" signature all about. :confused

Do I get bonus points for guessing correctly? OK - my guess is that it means encouragement to continue the tradition of waving acknowledgement at other Vette drivers as you meet on the highways and byways.

Boy, that reminds me of a story that may belong somewhere else on the site, but I'd never find it on my own, so I'll write it here since it has relevance to waving. I had owned my '66 427/390 all of 3 months and was still in the learning phase as I had never had a car with as much engine strength ever before. Well, I had bought a fancy air pressure gauge to use on the tires and lo! they were at only 32psi. Being the loving owner and neat-freak that I am, I promptly filled them all up to 35psi. There! Man did I feel good about that and I drove on. Waiting at a stop light an attractive female passenger of a snazzy BMW took note of me and sort of smiled. Well, guys, ya know how it is when we get that kind of attention... so I pulled away smartly and made my left turn as the BMW in the adjacent left turn lane kept pace, but thankfully a bit behind because the '66's newly inflated tires were not up to the semi-rainy pavement and I spun. Yikes!! :eek A few of the motorists behind me "waved" their displeasure as I backed up and got pointed again in the proper direction. Sheesh! New Yorkers are an impatient lot!

Anyone who wants to provide the moral of the story - either about the lady in the BMW or, more importantly, about skinny tires and air pressure, I welcome your comments.



NY Wave does not = Corvette Wave

Well Marc,
The wave you recieved from the NYers as you completed your spin around the intersection...you have rightly guessed...is not the Corvette wave! hahaha Good story tho, I enjoyed it!

Now, as to the moral of your story about the tire pressure, rain and BMW-girl...I can't really judge you guilty because you were still learning about your powerful vette...and I really better leave this one alone! I'll let the men comment! Ha!

BTW...I liked ccFL's comment about how visible Corvettes are! They sure do attract attention!



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Sep 16, 2000
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Forums/Site Navigation

I thought I'd post a quick summary of how the navigation system works here on the Corvette Action Center for those of you that are new to the CAC.

One of the problems I've always had here is how to design the navigation from both an ease of use standpoint as well as simple organization and categorization. Most users don't like to have to click past two or three clicks to get to something so in essence, the web developer needs to try and have as many links on the first tier of navigation as possible. This becomes a more and more difficult task to achieve as the site grows and more and more information and pages become available to the user.

At the very top of this window, you will see a long gray navigation bar. That is the "Main Site Navigation" which will bring you to all other parts of the site. If you move your cursor over one of the links, a popup/dropdown menu should appear. Since we're on the topic of organization and categories, I'll be shifting links around after I get back from vacation in order to improve the overall site navigation, but for the most part, what you see now is pretty much what will remain.

Below the Forums banner on the left and the ad banner on the right is another gray navigation bar. This is the "Main Forums Navigation" bar and the links that are in that bar are specific to the Forums only with the exception of the Members Rides section where Forum Members are able to post their "Rides".

Hope this helps a little. :)


Help From Rob

Rob - you da man! Thanks for the navigation notes - they do help. Say, are you going to the NCRS Judging event in Front Royal, VA in mid-May? I see that you live in Reston. My best friend lives in Fairfax Station and has my car, for the time being. He just bought a 94. Hope to shake your hand there and see your fine ZR-1. Thanks!

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