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No spark!



Got a question for anyone out there that can help. Haven't had any problems with my vette in quite some time now so i have been fixing little things that have been needing some attention. I drove the car home from work yesterday and worked on fixing the dome light. Easy fix-replaced the fuse. I had problems reading the fuse panel so I pulled out several other fuses and put them all back into their proper place. Dome light fixed -and moved on to the power antenna. Tore the console apart to get to the relay and ran out of time because it got dark on me. Went to start the car up this morning and the motor will turn over, it get fuel to the carb, but no spark. I went back and checked all the fuses, everything good. I looked at all the wire connections under the dash and in the console but I dont see anything disconnected or shorted out. Any suggestions? I feel I have knocked something loose but can't find it. It was fine UNTIL I tore it apart-always happens to me like that.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks-IKE
I am not real versed in the '82, but I believe the computer connections go through the console. There is a connection there from the computer. I may be a wire in that plug might have lost connection.

Hopefully someone will come along here with a little better information. I KNOW that feeling.. "It was fine UNTIL I tore it apart-always happens to me like that".

Echo that. I end up creating my own projects :)
I figured it out. I thought since everything was Ok until I touched the fuse panel and electrical connectors that it must be something in the wiring-HOWEVER-I pulled off the distributor cap and the terminals were corroded. I cleaned the contacts and it fired up. So I went down and bought a new cap and rotor and problem is fixed. Nothing I did afterall-just a coincidence!! 2 days of troubleshooting a problem that was basic to fix-it always seems to happen that way :confused
ike Thanks for the followup

I for one really like to see followup to the solution. This helps us all, sometimes "we don't see the forrest, instead all we see are trees"

Thanks for posting back with your fix ;)


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