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None of you guys & gals with C5s have anything to say?


Gone but not forgotten
Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
What's the matter? Is everything perfect out there? :L

Anybody get a new 405 hp Z06 yet? Any problems or concerns? :confused

My guess is that we'll probably kill this section unless you use it. :(

Hey, it's not designed for my generation! :eyerole
2000 NassauBlue 6spd !!!

2000 Nassau Blue 6sd......... Definitely fun to drive!!! Body lines are very nice.......LS1's... nice torque, incredible performer when really pushed!!!!!!!! Interior is very attractive, gauges are awesome. It is a purpose built machine.......you can feel it! My Coupe is my 2nd Corvette, 1st being a 88 Z52.. and I have driven
nearly 70,000 miles total seat time. To better the C5......1st...
the EMT F1's....to hard... standard suspension......nice ride....but needs dampning work.....Id buy the Z51 on C6......or equivalent.
LS6 in the coupe ....that'd be nice! Active handling is a God send!
Keep it on ......all the time ......unless you got alot of pavement to regather it up........when your sliding. It can be obtrusive sometimes......cutting your power, but think it's been updated for 2001. I love the heads up display......work on the reflection onto the winshield.....when it is turned off. As for the interior......round
up the humps in the dash a bit........and get the grab bar out where it can be used! Id like to see the LS6......in the coupe, 6500 redline, non run flat tires, no more retractable head lights..if it can be designed right, a more a aggressive hood line... and as
much as I love the car......it needs, as i read in "Corvette Fever"
once ....to be a touch more "visceral" .....in touch
with a more aggressive nature.....Ive have attended "Powell"
driving school, and others to better my driving. Id also say for fun
take the "Richard Petty Driving experience" ......Rookie experience at "Bristol Motor Speedway"! I did it last October, while out on a
4,500 mile driving vacation..... Scott "Axl" ( NassauBlue )
I just got my 2001 black 6spd coupe about 2 weeks ago. I enjoy the performance. I'm still finding it hard to get comfortable in this car, since I use to driving a 1998 bmw 540 6spd. There is a gret deal of performance difference, but the ride, and fit and finish, stinks in comparison. Still nothing compares to the complete rush I get when I'm taking high speed corners then blasting out of them into amazing speeds. This car may be alittle unrefined in comparison to many german cars, but man can it haul ass!!. I cant stand the little rattle I get when starting off in 1st gear, but overall the car definetly an eye catcher and puts a smile on my face every time I walk into my garage!!!

2001 6spd Black Coupe
1979 L82 Red Automatic
Your comments about the fit and finish are interesting. They are very similar to what we're seeing with our online C5 Owner's Survey. I'll be working on summarizing that survey and releasing the results over the next couple of weeks.
I love the car. The handling is awsome, and the power is great. Yes the fit and finish could be better especially on a $45,000+ car, but you can't get performance like it from any other car in its class. They could of put better weather striping so that the top would not leak when it gets wet. Overall, though I would have to say driving the car is still an awsome feeling that you get from no other car, but a Corvette.
I owned my 2001 Speedway White Coupe almost a year..and in that time, I had no problems with it at all..except for the weight and size of the top when trying to remove it. That was one of the reasons I got a 2002 Convertible. I am able to raise and lower the convertible top by myself. I don't use the Heads Up Display because I find it too distracting. The Sport seats are terrific...the fit is fine for me. Not only do the seats go forward and back, but they go upward and the lumbar region can be adjusted. With the memory package, I have my seat and steering wheel set in memory and when I get out of it..the steering wheel automatically goes forward and the seat goes back, which makes it easier to get out of it...and when I get in it....the seat and steering wheel automatically go back to my driving position. The DIC gives alot of informations, such as miles per gallon, the remaining distance you can drive without refueling, oil temp, coolant temp trans fluid temperature, Battery voltage, tire pressures, engine oil life, plus alot more information all at a push of a button. This time I have the trunk mounted CD changer which is optional. The trunk is roomy.

The acceleration is awesome and on curves, it really hugs the road. The best part is the "fun" of driving it and it doesn't go away. :) When accelerating hard, the skin on your face goes towards the back of the vette. Just kidding. :) You are slammed back against the seat though. As Vi says...I
:love my vet.

Patti, that was a good one about the skin getting blown back! Now I know why I love my 98 Convertible (it's Flame Red also). Of course, it's really hard NOT to look good in a Vette.

It's finally "Fall" in Houston (hopefully, cool for a whole week). Time for the top down going home from work. Although, the hot weather really hasn't stopped me from putting the top down (I just go faster).
Oops, my apologies to all the Red Vette owners. I dnn't know why I keep calling it "Flame" Red when it's "Torch" Red.

But either way, it's HOT!!! :crazy
I agree 100 percent, 98TXRed! :) It's getting really chilly here already....they are forcasting some nights in the 30's here.
Have fun enjoying the cool weather in that Torch Red Beauty! :)


98TXRed said:
But either way, it's HOT!!! :crazy [/B]
AHHHH ... Bad news

AHHHH ... Bad news on that Torch Red Beauty!!!

I got into the Jewel and turned the Key; the seat started to move up and the car started to turn over. Then, everything DIED. :mad No power (I can't even open the trunk!).

Now it's being towed to the shop; I hope it's not something serious. :cry

And to make matters worse, I had to borrow my wife's Taurus to get to work. I'll never hear the end of this from her! :(
Re: AHHHH ... Bad news

That's awful, 98TXRed! :cry Hopefully you just need a new sensor
and your jewel will be back home soon. Be careful you don't enjoy driving your wife's Taurus so much, that you trade in your jewel for one. :D :Silly Keep us posted and good luck.


98TXRed said:

Now it's being towed to the shop; I hope it's not something serious. :cry
And to make matters worse, I had to borrow my wife's Taurus to get to work. I'll never hear the end of this from her! :(
Oh, you are NOT going to believe this!!! It was a loose battery cable!!! I checked everything but that and I know better. I acted like this is my first car; it's a good thing that I have AAA.

And to make matter worse, my wife is not letting me forget it (I may have to turn in my engineeting degree and 24 years of experinece).

Man, do I feel foolish!!! :crazy
Great News!

Don't feel foolish 98TXRed...With all the electonics on them, who would think to check for a loose battery cable. That is funny though.:L Oops..didn't mean to laugh. :D That's terrific it was just a battery cable and your red jewel is raring to go again...now you can relax. :)

Steering column noise

Just bought an 01 Coupe and was curious if anybody has experienced an annoying squeak in the steering column

I have a 02 C-5 on order now , I have been waiting two months now , The dealership says it should be mid Janurary . Meanwhile I am learning alot about the C-5's . So far the only subject that I have read about that I really do not like is the oil consumption stories and having to replaced the rings . I have heard that the 2002 have new piston and ring design . The other thing is the trans leaking , since I am getting A4 . I have been @ LS1.com , not much talk on C-5"s , I did find some good info for performance upgrades , I am learning alot from them , do's and don'ts .
I like this site better , I signed on this afternoon for the first time and tons of good stuff hear .
Hi Joe, :) Welcome to the forum and Congratulations on your new 2002 on order. :) What color are you getting? You will find the wait for your 2002, one of the longest of your life. :D Rob has put together alot of very useful information here...so enjoy. :)

Hey : Nice car ! How do you like it ? Are you a cruiser or street rodder ?
I order mine magnetic red , Blk inter , coupe , A4 , 3:15 axle ratiio .I should get conformation on 12/1/01 when they will actually start building the car , I hope .
Thanks, Joe. :) I love everything about mine, awesome acceleration, smooth riding, very comfortable seats etc, etc.
I'm not a street rodder...so that makes me a cruiser. :) I have seen the magnetic red, and it's very beautiful. Great choice of color. So far I haven't heard of any oil consumption problems with the 2002...hopefully it will stay that way. :)


02 C-5 said:
Hey : Nice car ! How do you like it ? Are you a cruiser or street rodder ?
I order mine magnetic red , Blk inter , coupe , A4 , 3:15 axle ratiio .I should get conformation on 12/1/01 when they will actually start building the car , I hope .
My 2002 coupe(pewter of course) has 6550 miles on it since I brought it in August. No oil consumption, but plenty of gasoline consumption. One of the most comfortable and responsive vehicles I have ever driven. The raw power and , to me, refined comfort of the Corvette is hard to match. The only drawback is the seeming inability to keep from grinning like a Cheshire cat every time you drive it. I find myself taking the "long"way everywhere. My wife calls it "driving aimlessly". It ain't aimless if you're having fun. Take your time deciding on modifications as there is a bunch of stuff to do to these cars. Most of mine, except for the Z06 airbox are cosmetic. Oh. change the stock light bulbs to a higher wattage and the foglamps to the 885's. Have fun and welcome to the forum and the only true American Sports Car...
Keep waving and the greasy side down....

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