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oil leak



Help! My 1993 has developed an oil leak that defies detection (according to the mechanic at the local Chevy dealership. I have had the oil pan gasket replaced as well as the oil drain bolt and washer. It is not leaking around the valve cover gaskets, but appears to be leaking somewhere in the front of the engine. It is not leaking alot, but just enought to be an annoyance. I know that not too long ago the gasket for the distributor was relplaced during a routine tuneup;I suppose this could be the problem once again. Any help from the very knowledgeable individuals on this board would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, has anyone had any dealings with the John Lingerfeldt (sp.) company? I met a Vette owner who had some work done by them, and was very enthusiastic over the results. Please e-mail me if anyone as dealt with them; I have some questions I need answered and don't wish to take up space on this board. Thanks.
Have them add the goo to the engine that glows under a black light. You won't have much trouble finding it then. I bet they have the equipment there at the dealership, if not, find another dealer!
This is what we are here for

LT1s were kindof difficult for stuff like oil leaks.
First thing, remember that you can have leaks at the fron even more than L98, due to the front cam driven water pump, and Optispark.
Suggestions, explore the possibility that either of the drive seals are leaking, the were redesigned for reliability.
Also, another leak that is common is that the 3 bolts that retain the Optispark to the timing cover. As they loosen, they leak oil out of the bolt holes.
These are suggestions, as unless you remove the components, there is really no way to see the leak with a black light, because the components cover the locations.
Please keep us posted, c4c5
Thanks for all the suggestions ! I will print these out and take them to the Chevy mechanic on Tuesday. From what I can tell with a flashlight, the oil seems to be collecting on the front crossmember? ? and dripping from that location. Again, thanks for all the help. I will keep you posted.
Another way to possibly find the oil leak would be to completely clean the front of the motor and get all of the gunk out of there. After that, let the car run and see if you can see where the drip might be coming from.......

just had a similar issue

I had a dealer replace the water pump and optispark (water leaked on to it :eek

Anyway, I picked up an oil leak after that. I took it back last week and they replaced the seal behind the balancer, and the balancer itself since they bent it. Anyway, seems to be working.


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