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REALLY strange oil leak...


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Jun 19, 2016
Morgan, Utah
1990 Bright red coupe
Short and sweet... Rebuilt engine. Part of the rebuild was the addition of Dart pro 1 heads. With 130 miles on it I noticed a leak. Used oil dye and black light and followed oil from bottom (oil filter) to top (machined hole on the back side of head). What is the hole for??? Why is it leaking oil?
As you probably know, the heads are interchangeable left for right. Are you asking about a hole that would be a front mounting hole if that head were installed on the right side? Is it drilled too deep, going into the rocker arm space?

Ha...never thought about that. Why would there be a hole machined that far into the head? I've never heard of that. If that's the case, I'll just need to plug the hole and be done with it, right???

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